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What is the best 60% keyboard that I can get for under $100? Here’s the situation. I have a dedicated keyboard that I use at home, but I also want something smaller and lighter that I can take to work too, for the feels, of course. A 60% keyboard would be the perfect combination of size and function. But I’m not willing to pay $150 right now (maybe in the future), what should I buy instead?

There are many budget options out there, good and bad. I want to look objectively at each one of these keyboards, do a ton of research, and find out what is worth it. Here are some options to try out that we’ll discuss in detail down below: RK61 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard, Geek GK61, Motospeed CK62, and the DIERYA 60%.

The most popular 60% keyboards now are the Anne Pro 2, Glorious GMMK, Ducky One 2 Mini, and the Vortex Pok3r. However, these are pricey. You want the quality, yet you don’t have the money or don’t want to shell out to purchase these keyboards. Let’s look at some budget options that may stand out to you.

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The Contenders

RK61 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard

On Amazon, this is one of the highest rated 60% keyboards. It is well known to be a budget option within the community.

What You Want to Know


It comes in two colors, black or white, allowing you to customize which one fits better with your overall desktop aesthetic. I personally prefer black because white requires more constant cleaning.


For your personalization, you get three options for the switches: brown, blue, and red. These are not the typically Cherry MX switches.  

The colors have similar functions to the Cherry MX ones. So, reds are linear, blues are clicky, and browns are tactile.

This different may not be noticeable, essentially, you’re getting the same functions for a much lower price unless there are certain preferences.

Case, stabilizers, and keycaps

The case is made up of plastic, but it is sturdy enough that it doesn’t bend much.

The stabilizers on the space bar cause wobble, which may get annoying when you’re typing long pieces of work. The keycaps are stable and do not shift much when typing.

Now for keycaps. The keycaps are made of ABS plastic instead of PBT (different kinds of plastic where ABS is of lower quality). Over time, these keys will develop a shiny look to them over time. The keyboard does not have a kickstand option, but it is angled higher in the back than the front, allowing an ergonomic curve.

Additional features: RGB and Bluetooth

The RGB option can be programmed using software. For a personal look, you can change the colors of each key based on what you want. It does come with pre-programmed visual effects for convenience.

Conveniently, you don’t expect the keyboard to have extra features, but here’s one I didn’t know about.

This keyboard can be wireless via Bluetooth connections. It’s able to connect to multiple devices, up to 3. When lounging on the couch, watching shows on Netflix, and looking up different shows, go wireless and set it on the arm rest.

When it’s time for a different show, reach over, grab it, and type in some things. Power at your fingertips without moving your body.

If you’re planning on gaming wireless, there’s many testimonies of lag which can lower your gaming performance.  


Currently, this keyboard is sitting at $69.99. Not bad, not bad. offers cheaper options without RGB lighting for $59.99.


For someone wanting to type casually, this can be a great starter budget keyboard. You get to dive into the world of mechanical keyboards without making your wallet/bank account sad in the process.

The keyboard is stable, the switches give you the longevity and benefits of mechanical keyboards without the high price tag, and the RGB settings let you customize it for your look.

For the price, this keyboard is a great option! It’s half the price of the popular keyboards above but offer much of the same functionality.

Geek GK61: My Winner

Another budget 60% keyboard. This one is by  Geek. On Banggood, this keyboard is going for $49.99 with a 5 star rating with 178 ratings.

It’s available on Amazon for the same price.

What You Want to Know


This keyboard comes in black and white colorways.

Switches: The Secret Sauce

This keyboard offers Gateron optical switches available in black, blue, brown, or red. Now this is awesome! Gateron switches are known to be smoother than Cherry MX switches and the tactile bumps are more tactile. More details on Gateron switches.


The case is made of a combination with glossy and textured plastic. There is a fixed angle that’s higher in the back. There are four rubber feet, but no kickstand.


It has a standard ANSI layout, which means if you want to switch out the keycaps, it’ll be quite simple and quick. Unlike another keyboard on this list, this one doesn’t have dedicated arrow keys. They are accessibly on another layer though, if you need it. Very similar to other 60% layouts.

These keycaps have a glossy finish on the sides with ABS plastic with double-shot injection.

Hot-Swappable: The Difference Between This and Others

To my surprise, this keyboard comes with a switch puller, which means that it’s hot-swappable. This means that without having to desolder the switches, you can pull out and change out the switches to something else easily.

Before careful, as this PCB only accepts other optical switches, not the usual MX style switches. Know what kinds of switches you want to use this keyboard with before buying, especially if you do plan on using its hot-swappable capabilities in the future.

According to TaeKeyboards, there is also a hot-swappable version that only accepts MX style switches, but I was unable to find this version anywhere.

Other features: pre-programmed lighting effects, speaker under the space bar

Using only the keyboard buttons, it’s possible to change between different effects without using any additional software.

Although there are pre-programmed lighting effects, you can also use the software to customize it however you want. Any of the keys can be changed however you would like. The software isn’t visually pleasing, but it’s functional.

You can use your keyboard as a speaker as well. When typing to some jams, the keyboard can play some nice beats. This can be nice when using a laptop with quiet speakers or just wanting to show your friends something cool and a little weird too.

This keyboard also comes with a braided USB-C cable.

Dierya DK63: A Great Runner-Up

This keyboard has been climbing within the budget 60% category. On Amazon, these keyboards are running at $47.99 with a 4-star rating with 637 ratings. Read more on the Kmove website for more product information or keep going.

What You Want to Know


The only colorway of this keyboard is Black. If you’re looking for white keycaps, this is not for you. If you have your own keycaps that you want to use, then this could be a possibility.


You can buy this keyboard with 4 different switch types: browns, blacks, blues, and reds. These are Oetemu switches, which advertise as being a Cherry MX equivalent.


There are not many details on the keycaps, but they are made of ABS plastic. They also come with 2 extra decorative keycaps for a little pizazz.  

Other features: USB-C braided cable, kickstand, arrow keys

This keyboard comes with a braided USB-C cable right out of the box. This stands out from all the other keyboards on this list and extends the lifespan of the cord longer.

The sides on the keyboard are low, so the RGB lights and the switches are visible. It gives a nice aesthetic when looking at the keyboard from the side or far away.

The angle of the keyboard is less than others, but they offer two kickstands on the back so you can choose to be flat or be angled.

On most 60% keyboards, there are no dedicated arrow keys, but this company decided that arrow keys are a must-have. They shifted some keys around and were able to fit all four arrow keys. Rather than having to move to another keyboard layer, just reach those fingers over and move.

The keyboard comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It’s effective up to 10 meters, hop on the couch or bed and use it with your laptop/PC.


If I were to pick a keyboard, this would be the one. It offers brown switches with tactile feedback, although they aren’t genuine Cherry MX switches, for the price, it’s okay.

For the same price as others on this list, you get a braided USB-C cable that I know I’ll enjoy, the option to use a kickstand or not, and 2 decorate keys as well.

I won’t be using Bluetooth, but that’s a bonus and will always be an option should I choose to.

The aesthetic is different. I enjoy being able to see the RGB lighting and the switches. It’s also much easier to pull over keycaps by hand instead of using a keycap puller when there’s space. Plus, it’s easy to clean too.

On the downside, it’s harder to carry this keyboard places without a dedicated safe space since the keycaps are so exposed. And possible dust could get under the keycaps more easily, just as easily as it is to clean.

Motospeed CK62 Mechanical Keyboard:

Currently on Amazon, the Motospeed CK92 has a 4-star review with 153 ratings and is priced at $48.99 with a 5% discount coupon.

What You Want to Know


There are two color options: black or white. With any aesthetic, these two options are classic. The keyboard has RGB features so if your theme is white and purple, this is possible with a white keyboard and purple RGB lighting.


There are two switch options: blue switches (clicky) or red switches (linear).

My personal preference is tactile switches or brown Cherry MX switches, so this keyboard is already off my list, but let’s keep going.

The brand of these switches is Outemu. They advertise as having medium resistance and crisp, tactile feedback. For more information on these switches, Input Club has detailed information on the Oetemu Red Switches and Oetemu Blue Switches.

Keycaps and USB-C Connectivity

The keycaps on this keyboard are made of ABS plastic and double-shot injection methods. Like the other keyboards discussed here, after long-term use, ABS plastic keycaps develop a shiny, grimy feel.

Like most modern keyboards, it uses a USB-C cable to connect to your computer. The cable is 1.5 meter and is a basic cable.

Other features: RGB lighting, Bluetooth capabilities, Pre-programmed lighting effects

This keyboard supports wired or wireless mode and can connects using Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Connecting is an easy process up to 3 devices. The keyboard is compatible with Windows/Mac/iOS/Android, so basically everything except gaming consoles.

The battery life is expected to last up to 10 hours without needing a charge in between. Like other batteries, however, the battery life will decrease over time. When gaming, you’ll probably want to go wired and avoid noticeable lag.

The RGB lighting offers 19 different pre-programmed effects. These effects can be switched between using keys on the keyboard.


This keyboard has wonderful features such as RGB lighting, Bluetooth/wireless capabilities, and doubleshot injected ABS keycaps. At the price, approximately $50, these make a great first keyboard.

However, compared to the keyboards above, this one will not be getting my vote today. I’ve just never heard of Oetemu switches, and they don’t have my preferred switch types, tactile switches or Browns.


We talked about four different keyboards that cost under $75. Usually under $50 with great features such as being hot-swappable, Bluetooth and wireless capabilities, braided USB-C cables, and more.

My personal winner was the Geek CK61 keyboard because it offers brown switches, USB-C braided cable, and hot-swappable. I’ve heard good things about Gateron switches as well and would love to try optical switches.

My runner-up would be the Dierya DK63 because it has a 60% layout but offers dedicated arrow keys. It has a different aesthetic that lets you see the RGB lighting and switches much better along with a braided USB-C cable, a kickstand, and extra decorative switches.

The other ones are good as well, depending on what you’re looking for. Thank you so much for reading, and happy typing!


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