Are Cherry MX Blue Switches Really That Loud?

If you’ve been around mechanical keyboards at all, you should know one of the cardinal rules:

Cherry MX Blue = Loud

But just how loud are Cherry MX Blues? Can you use them in an office or around other people?

Let’s find out.

How Loud Are Cherry MX Blue Switches?

If you were to bring your Cherry MX Blue keyboard to work or school, it won’t be too long before people around you put on headphones are start complaining.

It’s a fast track way to get someone to dislike you.

The main signature of a Cherry MX Blue switch is the high-pitched noise made on each keystroke.

In terms of decibels, Cherry MX Blue switches are not that much louder than other switch types, but the high-pitched nature of them makes them even more audible. The click sound really stands out.

If there are people talking around you, you can hear the Blue switch above everything else.

As a quick test, I had my wife start typing on a Cherry MX Blue keyboard while I walked into another room and shut the door. I could still hear everything.

The fact is, Cherry MX Blue switches are loud.

Your entire office, classroom, or spouse will be able to hear them across the room.

If you live alone or have a fortress of solitude, feel free to pick up a Cherry MX Blue keyboard and start typing away. There is no one to disturb.

For many, the clicking noises are incredibly satisfying when typing and gaming. You do you.

Your Entire Setup Impacts The Noise Level

One thing to keep in mind when using a Cherry MX Blue switch is that the entire setup will determine how loud the keyboard sounds.

Everything down to the keyboard, plate material, keycap shape, and your desk will impact the sound.

If you want a louder setup, you can opt for a full aluminum keyboard with no sound dampening foam while typing on a thin desk.

The sound level of your setup is ultimately up to you, some people like to have a keyboard that vibrates like crazy and wakes up the neighbors.

But if you want to make your MX Blues sound quieter than ever, here are a few tips.

How To Silence Cherry MX Blue Switches

Now that we’ve established that Cherry MX Blue switches are loud, let’s take a moment to figure out what we can do to make them quieter.

We have a full guide on how to silence your keyboard, but let’s go over the basics to save you a click.

1. Lube Your Switches

If you want to kill any clicky noises that your switch makes, lubing is your best option.

The sound of a Cherry MX Blue switch is created from the components inside the switch, so lubricating that area will make everything slide instead of click.

While lubricating clicky switches is not usually recommended, if the sound of your Cherry MX Blue keyboard is driving you crazy, it may be worth the time and effort.

We have a guide on how to lube switches the proper way and how to lube switches without desoldering if you don’t have all the tools on hand.

Just beware, lubing your clicky switches is not an easy task. You may end up with a keyboard that feels inconsistent from switch-to-switch.

Lube at your own risk.

2. Use Rubber O-Rings

You can place rubber o-rings on each key to dampen the impact noise and reduce the overall sound level.

While not exactly a perfect fix, they can help. You will still have the clicky mechanism inside the switch still producing noise, but with less vibration equals less noise.

There are a ton of different O-ring options out there, so make sure to check out our guide on the best O-rings for your keyboard.

3. Use A Desk Mat

Slapping on a desk mat is an instant way to reduce the sound level of your keyboard. Instead of the keyboard being in direct contact with your hard desk, you have a soft layer in-between that can act as a sound dampener.

Not to mention desk mats can make your entire desk look much better.

Here is a list of our favorite budget deskmats, available on Amazon:

A desk mat will only slightly reduce the overall volume, so to silence the Cherry MX Blue beast, you’ll need to get a bit more creative.

Will A Microphone Pick Up Cherry MX Blue Switches?

A common concern when picking Cherry MX Blue switches is that the sound will get picked up by your microphone.

Your friends probably don’t want to hear the clicks of your keyboard the entire you’re chatting and gaming.

Your microphone will pick up everything. Every. Last. Click.

Of course there are some ways around this. If you chat with a push-to-talk feature, you can limit the amount you expose your friends to the loud clicking noises.

But if you chat with a voice-activated feature, every time you press a key, your friends will hear. That’s just the nature of a Cherry MX Blue switch.

As someone who has done some streaming in the past, I’ve found that no matter what filters I put on my microphone to block out the typing noise, nothing could fully suppress the power of the Cherry MX Blue.

Sound Test of Cherry MX Blue Switches

Are Cherry MX Browns A Quieter Version of MX Blues (Without The Click)?

For those who enjoy the feel of a Cherry MX Blue but do not appreciate the noise, Cherry MX Browns may seem like a viable alternative.

Cherry MX Browns feel slightly different than MX Blues. For starters, they are lighter and don’t have as significant of a tactile bump. This is due to the lack of a click jacket.

Cherry MX Browns almost feel like a linear switch (no bump whatsoever). They are a great option for typing and are more office appropriate. While they still produce a decent amount of noise, they are significantly more quiet than Cherry MX Blues.

If you want a switch that feels like a Cherry MX Blue, but is not clicky, I would recommend a Glorious Panda or a Boba U4 (extra silent) switch.

These options have a much stronger tactile bump and don’t have a click mechanism. The Boba U4’s are recommended if you prefer a super silent switch as they have rubber dampening included in the build.

You can about more possible alternatives in our best tactile switch article.


Cherry MX Blue switches are incredibly loud. This is due to the high-pitched signature and loud click on each keystroke.

They are not the best option for typing in public and around other people, but they can make for a great choice for those who enjoy typing alone.

If you have a Cherry MX Blue switch and want to learn about how to silence your keyboard, you can lube your switches, get a desk mat, or throw on some O-Rings.

Good luck!

Jake Harrington

Jake has been an avid mechanical keyboard user for the past six years. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and wants to apply his expertise to break down how mechanical keyboards and other tech work to show the world all of the cool aspects of the hobby.

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