Durgod K320 Review: A Buttery Smooth Typing Experience

With an extraordinarily smooth typing feel, the Durgod K320 is an affordable tenkeyless keyboard that exceeds expectations.

The K320 made the number one spot on our best tenkeyless keyboard roundup.

Let’s jump into the review of this awesome keyboard.

The Verdict

Durgod K320 angled view

Typing Test

Ranking #2 on our list of best keyboards under $100, the Durgod K320 is an all-around fantastic keyboard.

The K320 has a no-frills yet appealing aesthetic, perfect for an office or any other professional environment. A two-tone keycap design and high-contrast legends contribute to this functional, sleek look.

The K320 really shines with its top-notch stabilizers, that come out of the box with no rattling, shaking, or ringing. Combined with Cherry MX switches, typing on the K320 produces a pleasing sound and feel that you are sure to love.

Though it does not have the features of hot-swappability or Bluetooth, the Durgod K320 does the basics with utmost quality.

This keyboard has become one of my favorites for the sheer typing experience alone, and I think it would be an incredible option for working from home or gaming.

If you want to experience the notable K320, you can find it here from Amazon.

In The Box

Before we jump into the review, let’s go over what comes with the Durgod K320.

Mechanical keyboards often come with a few pieces that help get you started, which is really helpful to have everything in one place right when you receive the keyboard.

In addition to a user manual and a sticker, the K320 comes with:

Two USB Cables: This keyboard comes with two cables, a USB-C to USB-A, and a USB-C to USB-C. While I only have use for former, it is nice that they include the Mac-friendly cable.

Wire keycap puller: A simple wire keycap puller is included to make easy changes to the keycaps if needed.

Velcro cable management attachment: A little handy item that can help deal with unruly cables, this attachment can be placed on your desk to keep cables from getting in the way of your setup.

Build Quality

Durgod K320 close up

Let me start by saying that this keyboard has a super sleek, pleasing appearance. I sometimes find tenkeyless keyboards to be clunky and We have the space grey color scheme, which is a nice two-tone grey design.

There is a small, tasteful Durgod logo on the bottom right of the keyboard.

This keyboard also comes in other color and backlighting options: white/grey, grey/blue, black with RGB lighting, and space grey with white backlighting. I appreciate their options and all of the color schemes look great.

The case of the Durgod K320 is made of plastic, but there is an aluminum plate that ensures no flex of the keyboard. For a keyboard under $100, the Durgod K320 has a fantastic build.

My only complaint about the structure is the location of the USB port, it is on the bottom of the keyboard in a recessed area.

This makes it difficult to fit other cables than the ones included, but the cable management paths allow you to direct the cable out of sides or middle to fit what works with your setup.

The K320 sits at a slight angle naturally, but if you want to make the angle steeper you can flip up the kickstands. There are two kickstand heights, which is really convenient to have.

The Keycaps

In cherry profile, the keycaps on the Durgod K320 are sculpted to optimize ergonomics.

The keycaps are all at different heights and angles to make typing more comfortable by reduce the distance your fingers have to reach to press keys.

The keycaps are floating, which means the base of the switches are exposed. With this keycap style, hair and small particles may collect easily in crevices and under keycaps, but this also means that it is very easy to clean.

Made of double-shot PBT plastic, the keycaps are resistant to oils and grime and the legends will never fade. PBT keycaps often have a matte feel, but the ones on the K320 are pretty smooth.

Don’t expect these keycaps to feel textured.

The legends are simple and clear, printed in white on the space grey model we have. Even though we have the model without backlighting, the high contrast legends are always visible.

A few keys have sub-legends printed on the front side of the keycap, a look that I definitely prefer to just printing them under the primary legends. These legends are for the Windows lock key and some media controls.

The Switches

When it comes to switch options, Durgod has you covered with a whole array of Cherry MX switches.

While we got this keyboard with the reliable Cherry MX browns, the other colors available are: black, blue, clear, red, silent red, silent black, speed silver, and white.

If all of these options seem overwhelming, check out our guide on Cherry MX switches to help find the right switch for you.

The Cherry MX browns sound really great while typing on this keyboard, no complaints here! You can feel a slight tactile bump on each keystroke, but nothing too crazy.

The Stabilizers

The switches are really the selling point for the Durgod K320. On afforadable keyboards especially, it really seems like a toss-up on whether the stabilizers will be rattly or smooth.

Luckily with the K320, the stabilizers are amazing and some of the best I’ve felt coming straight out of the box.

The stabilizers contribute to the awesome sound created when keys are hit, which makes using this keyboard super enjoyable.

The Features

Durgod K320 top view

Mac/Windows Compatibility

Increasingly Mac users are ditching their Apple keyboards and seeking the more comfortable and satisfying experience of mechanical keyboards.

The Durgod K320 can work with both operating systems, and though the keycaps are Windows oriented, you can change the functions via software to maximize compatibility.

It’s helpful that Durgod includes a USB-C to USB-C cable that can work with the new Mac ports.

Durgod Zeus Engine Software

The software that comes with this keyboard is really easy to use. Through software you can assign keys and edit macros seamlessly.

While the model I have does not have backlighting, remember that the K320 does have options for RGB or white backlighting at a higher cost. You would be able to use the software to customize the lighting colors/modes.

Since I have the K320 without RGB, I won’t be utilizing the software that often. Still, it is good to know that the software is easily navigable as occasionally you will find a difficult software with other keyboards.


Durgod K320 angled view

If you have been frustrated by affordable keyboards with keyboards with awful stabilizers, the Durgod K320 will definitely give you some relief.

This keyboard is simple and reliable, I can’t say enough about how good the typing experience is on the K320.

If you are looking for a keyboard that looks clean and doesn’t sacrifice keys, this is probably one of the best tenkeyless options you can find. Plus all of the switch options allow you to customize the typing feel to fit your preferences.

I would like to see in the future this keyboard have the wireless option or hotswappability, but at its price point you I can’t complain about what this keyboard offers.

The Durgod K320 is must-check-out keyboard, and you can find it for a good price on Amazon.

Jake Harrington

Jake has been an avid mechanical keyboard user for the past six years. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and wants to apply his expertise to break down how mechanical keyboards and other tech work to show the world all of the cool aspects of the hobby.

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