Mistell X-VIII Review: A High-Quality Build

The Mistel X-VIII is a full-sized mechanical keyboard that is was a lot of fun to review and play around with.

The keyboard comes with some really interesting add-ins and a custom theme that most keyboards don’t have.

The Verdict

angled view of Mistell X-VIII mechanical keyboard

If you’re looking for a higher-end keyboard that comes with an awesome theme make makes you feel like you’re typing on a cloud, you can’t pass up on the Mistel X-VIII.

The keyboard comes with multi-color PBT keycaps which tie the entire the build together. You also get an few additional novel keycaps which add an extra element of customization.

The build of the keyboard feels great. There is little flex and the kickstands are very adjustable so you can type at multiple angles.

The thoughtfully-placed dedicated media keys make it convenient to change your music on the fly without having to open the settings.

You can tell the entire keyboard is carefully designed with attention to detail in almost every aspect of the design.

Not to mention there are some really interesting components thrown into the box to make unboxing process more exciting.

You can check out the the Mistel X-VIII on Amazon for an affordable price.

In The Box

Parts from Mistell X-VIII mechanical keyboard

With a military-esqe theme to it, the Mistel X-VIII comes with a few extra components to drive the idea home. In the box, you get:

  • Grenade keychain: The coolest add-in I’ve ever gotten, by far, is this grenade keychain. What makes it even better is you can activate it by clicking the key. The Cherry MX Blue switch makes the perfect clicky noise to make it sound like you’re pulling the pin out of a grenade. I would pay for this separately without hesistation.
  • Extra keycaps: The keyboard comes with a few extra keycaps so you further customize the colors. My favorite is the escape key replacement that has a little WWII style airplane on it. You also get a gray escape key and a stepped caps lock replacement, if you prefer that shape instead.
  • Keycap puller: A plastic keycap puller with a deer head attached is included in the box. This one is a little strange, but I suppose it looks cool. Instead of the army/warzone theme the rest of the keyboard has, the keycap puller is more hunter-related. Either way, I like the customization they are going for.
  • Dust cover: If you hate getting dust bunnies, crumbs, or hair inside of your keyboard, a dust cover is the perfect antidote. Simply cover your keyboard with the dust cover when not in use and it will stay clean. Very helpful.

All of these extras made opening the keyboard up a blast. Mistel has not disappointed us this far, in fact, I’m quite impressed. Let’s continue.

Build Quality

Mistell X-VIII on deskmat with custom cable

The build quality of the keyboard feels quite nice. The outer case is all plastic but if feels like there could be a metal plate on the inside to make it more durable.

The shape of the case is ideal, the bezel covers the bottom of the keycaps which improves the acoustics and makes it more difficult for dust to accumulate under the keycaps.

The case is also slightly angled with a few multi-angle kickstands, so you can choose between multiple typing angles. This is great for someone who likes to type at a high incline or on a flatter surface. The choice is yours.

The only aspect of the design I don’t like is the center mounted USB-C port, which makes it difficult to plug in a custom USB cable. There is a small channel used to route cables, so you’re stuck with a normal USB cable.

The case could also benefit from a sturdier material such as aluminum, but the plastic case gets the job done well enough.

The Keycaps

The keycaps are the most impressive part of the entire build.

They come in a super high-quality doubleshot PBT plastic. the doubleshot plastic makes the keycaps extra durable and allows them to be designed with popping colors on the legends. They also won’t develop a greasy shine to them after heavy usage.

The colors of the design are very aesthetic, with a combination of the standard white and black keycaps with grey and orange accent keycaps to tie everything together.

Not to mention the bright orange and black keycaps that further accent the colors even more.

The three different colors give the keyboard a custom and aesthetic look. I wish all keyboard manufacturers put this much thought into their designs. The world would be a more interesting place.

The Stabilizers

The stabilizers on the Mistel X-VII are buttery smooth. I always get a little excited when a pre-built mechanical keyboard has well-done stabilizers. This is an area where most companies tend to fail, but Mistel designed them perfectly.

All of the stabilizers have no rattle and produce a satisfying *thocc* noise on impact, including the stabilizers used on the number pad.

There’s not much else to say. I suppose if you want to lubricate them further, you could improve them using this method to make the stabilizers extra smooth.

The Switches

Stabilizers on Mistell X-VIII mechanical keyboard

The keyboard comes in a couple different switch options. You get to choose between Cherry MX Blue or Brown.

The Cherry MX switches are high quality and are guaranteed to last for up to 100 million keystrokes.

Cherry MX Brown switches are considered a jack of all trades, but master of none. They have small tactile bump on each keystroke, which make them an excellent option for typing.

Cherry MX Blue switches have a loud click to them, which make them a great option if you enjoy the loud auditory feedback.

I would have liked to see more switches options, especially a linear switch. Linear switches are typically used for gaming and don’t have a tactile bump. They are smooth and consistent.

Many prefer this type of switch, so not having a linear option will most likely exclude a chunk of potential customers who love linear switches.

But other than that, the Cherry MX switches that are offered in this build are very nice, although they are a little on the scratchy side.

If you are open to a project, you could always lube the switches to make them smoother than ever.

Macros & Dedicated Media Keys

To make the keyboard even more useful and convient, the Mistel X-VII comes with dedicated media keys and the option to set custom macros.

If you do any recurring tasks that could be easily streamlined, setting up a macro key could save you lots of time in the long run. The Mistel makes it possible to set this up.

The dedicated media keys are a nice touch as well. They are placed in an easy to access location above the number pad. Simply press a key to lower/raise the volume.

There is also a shortcut key to open up the calculator if you need to do some quick calculations.


Angled view of Mistell X-VIII mechanical keyboard standing up

The Mistel X-VII is an excellent keyboard that is sure it impress you and those around you. The custom look and high-quality design make this keyboard an excellent option if you’re looking for a full-sized keyboard.

The Cherry MX switches and buttery smooth stabilizers make typing on this keyboard feel great. You’ll be raising your hand to be the dedicated note taker for the next meeting.

The add-ins really give the keyboard a unique feel and add to the military/army theme. The grenade keychain with a Cherry MX Blue switch is probably the best add-in I have ever received from a keyboard and I’ll be sure to wear it proudly.

Not to mention the attention to detail the manufacturers put into this keyboard is quite impressive. Everything from the media keys to the case design to the keycaps tie it all together nicely.

You can check out the Mistel X-VIII on Amazon for a good price.

Happy typing!

Jake Harrington

Jake has been an avid mechanical keyboard user for the past six years. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and wants to apply his expertise to break down how mechanical keyboards and other tech work to show the world all of the cool aspects of the hobby.

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