Epomaker Ajazz K620T Review: Ideal Design

The Epomaker Ajazz K620T is one of the latest to complete crowdfunding and fill a need in the market.

If you’re looking for an affordable compact bluetooth keyboard that’s ideal for mobile and travel use, feast your eyes on the new K620T.

With features like Bluetooth, high-quality keycaps, and a volume wheel, the K620T is a great mobile-centric option for under $100.

Let’s see if the K620T is a good option for you.

The Verdict

Epomaker Ajazz K620T with camera and phones using the device slot
  • Volume Wheel
  • Mobile Device Slot
  • Dye-Sublimated PBT Keycaps
  • Bluetooth Mode Supports 3 Devices
  • Large 4400mah Battery
  • Decent Stabilizers
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Not Programmable
  • Not Hotswap
  • Low Compatibility for Mobile Devices with Cases
  • Lack of Single Color RGB Mode Except Blue
  • No Mac Modifier Keycaps

For the price, Epomaker and Ajazz provide a great option for anyone who lives a life on the move, or just prefers not to be tethered down to a PC.

The K620T comes in a compact 60% keyboard layout, helping it to more portable.

You should check out the K620T if you use a tablet or phone for work, school, or even play. It is an ideal complement for mobile devices like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, and Amazon Fire Tablets.

If this sounds like something for you, then let’s dive into the review.

In The Box

Other than the keyboard itself, also included in the box are:

  • Colorful Keycaps – A yellow spacebar, green enter and red ESC. The dye-sublimated legends are not as clear on these caps due to the color and limitations of the process, but having the accents brings a bit of flair to the otherwise monotone colorways.
  • Keycap Puller – A plastic keycaps puller is included with the keyboard, which works in a pinch if you only plan on changing to the 3 colorful keycaps provided. If you plan on switching a whole set, it is not the most ideal keycap puller as it is slower and may scratch or damage the sides of your caps. If you have a few paper clips lying around, you can follow our guide on how to make a DIY keycap puller for a better option.
  • Right Angle USB-C Cable – a 1.5 meter un-braided rubber USB-C cable is color-matched to your case. It acts as both a charging cable and USB cable for wired mode. The USB-C end is terminated at a right angle, as the port is located on the left side of the keyboard.
  • Quick Start Guide and Warranty – A quick start guide shows specifications, Bluetooth instructions, and hotkey combinations. It is double-sided and bilingual in English and Chinese.

Build Quality and Layout

Epomaker Ajazz K620T with iPad in the device slot

The K620T is a 60% layout and comes in a compact form factor. The case comes in your choice of black or white color.

The keyboard itself is an all-plastic construction. It is relatively lightweight, coming in at 804 grams or 1.7 lbs, but this also makes it a little more ideal for transporting the board and using it on the go.

The light weight may be a factor when using it with some heavier devices in portrait mode, as it could potentially tip over. It should not be an issue with most devices used in landscape mode.

The case consists of a top and bottom, and the PCB is attached to an aluminum plate, which helps to add a little bit of needed weight and rigidity.

The PCB is not programmable, and the 19 RGB profiles cannot be customized.

In addition, there is only one color option for the single-color RGB profile. It is a blue/teal color, and this color setting unfortunately cannot be changed.

This makes the keyboard a little less work-safe, so it would be best to use it without RGB backlighting if in a modest office setting.

Underneath the PCB is the large-capacity battery covered in a sheet of foam. This helps to fill up a portion of what would otherwise be a hollow case.

There zero flex to the keyboard, and the sturdy build quality paired with the compact form factor help it from flexing while typing.

At the forehead, or top of the case, there is a device docking slot and a rotary encoder topped with a plastic volume knob.

The dock is made of a slightly softer plastic than the rest of the case, and may help prevent slipping.

Beneath the dock on the right side of the board are 4 small indicator lights for caps lock, bluetooth, battery life, and charge/power indicator.

On the left side of the case you will find the USB-C port and a small switch which you can use to toggle between BT, wired, and off modes. The switch is on the smaller side, so you should avoid using excessive force when toggling.

The bottom of the case has minimal branding.

Instead of adjustable plastic feet, the K620T features two wedge-shaped feet with anti-slip rubber pads to provide the typing angle.

On the black variant, you may find some white specks on the case. At first glance they look like dust, but upon closer inspection may be specks of white paint as they cannot be wiped away.

The black case may also have some imperfections or blemishes in the plastic that are not as obvious on the white case.

As a 60 % layout, it is the most compact standard layout available.

In order to use the arrows and function row, as well as several other functions, you make use of function layers by pressing down the Fn button.

This might take some getting used to for many people, but could be worth it for the portable size and high compatibility with keycaps sets.

The Keycaps

The included keycaps are dye-sublimated PBT keycaps.

For a budget minded board, this is a welcome choice as PBT tends to resist turning shiny and slippery from finger oils longer than its ABS counterparts.

PBT often has a chalky yet smooth texture that may help with typing feel, and the plastic type helps produce a slightly deeper sound. These PBT caps are not chalky, but somewhat textured.

The dye-sublimated legends are long-lasting and will not rub off, but this also means the legends will not be backlit by the included RGB LED’s.

There is no RGB bleed-through on the standard keycaps, but the novelties do display some light-bleeding.

If you’d like an option that allows the RGB to shine through, look for double-shot PBT and pudding keycaps.

The Switches

Epomaker Ajazz K620T switches

You get the choice between two options: Ajazz Blue and Ajazz Pink.

Ajazz Blue is a clicky switch similar to the Cherry MX Blue.

It has an actuation force of 45g and a bottom-out of 60g, and should be your choice if you like the satisfying snap and click of Blue-type switches.

If you don’t need to be concerned about noise, this is the choice for you. It’s not ideal for gaming, or public shared spaces like an office, cafe, or library.

The clicks are quite satisfying and energetic. They are reminiscent of typewriter keys, but not quite as heavy.

The switches themselves are easy to press, yet may help prevent accidental actuation.

Many writers and typists tend to prefer clicky Blue-type switches for those reasons.

Ajazz Pink is a medium-heavy linear switch similar to the Cherry MX Black.

There was some confusion early on as to whether it is a 40g Actuation or 60g actuation, with the early force graphs showing it to be similar to the 45g actuation and 60g bottom-out of the Red-type switch.

Early reviews also mention the Pink switch to be a light linear.

Epomaker later re-engineered the switch to be heavier, more similar to the Black-type heavy linear switch. This is the current version of the Ajazz Pink.

Ajazz Pink switch will be perfect for those who like a heavier switch option. It should feel smooth, but not nearly as easy to actuate as the Red-type. If you feel it’s easy to make typos on Reds, be sure to check out the Ajazz Pink.

This will be the ideal switch for shared environments and anywhere that noise and courtesy are of concern. It is not ideal for anyone preferring a lighter touch or typists who want tactile feedback and a satisfying click.

It would have been nice to see a third tactile option for those who wanted a Brown-type switch. It would provide some feedback as well as be more appropriate for mobile and travel use where a click would be too noisy.

For more in-depth explanation and comparison of the three different switch types, check out our article on linear vs tactile vs clicky switches.

Still, it is nice to have the choice between clicky and linear.

It could be beneficial to lube your switches, but as this is not a hot-swappable board, you will have to try top-lubing or very cautiously spray-lubing if you don’t know how to solder and de-solder.

You can follow our guide here on how to lube switches without desoldering. Do this at your own risk as you may void your warranty!

The Stabilizers

The stabilizers here are standard Cherry-style stabilizers and come very lightly pre-lubed from the factory. They do have a bit of wobble and rattle, but should not prove to be much of a problem in everyday use.

Given that the board is more mobile-centric and not hot-swappable, you would need to de-solder the switches before being able to sufficiently remove and mod the stabilizers.

As it stands, you may still be able to lube them further with a small plastic syringe or applicator if you need to.

The spacebar stab is good for a prebuilt option, but could be noticeable with the Pink linear switches. Any rattle is not noticeable with the clicky Blue option.

Wireless Connectivity

With the ability to connect with up to 3 devices simultaneously, you can seamlessly switch between any combination phone, tablet, computer, or any other Bluetooth enabled device that supports a keyboard.

If you’re a student or professional with multiple wireless devices, the K620T can certainly help you use your devices more efficiently and productively. To switch between devices, you use a simple keyboard command (FN+Q, FN+W, FN+E).

A Large Battery

At 4400mah, the large battery is able to provide up to 50 hours with the RGB lighting on, and a whopping 880 hours with the lights turned off.

That is over 36 days worth of continuous uninterrupted use on the low-power Bluetooth connection.

If you have ever forgotten to charge your phone, you know just how frustrating it can be to have a short battery life.

With such a large capacity and long battery-life, the K620T provides seemingly endless wireless power to make it an ideal choice for travel and mobile use.

The Volume Knob

A precious feature in the keyboard world, the volume knob performs exactly the task you would imagine, and it does so very well.

Missing from many keyboards in higher and lower price ranges, it simply adds the convenience of controlling your volume without having to remember a hotkey or using the device and software controls.

The knob itself takes a little bit of force to turn, but its a stepped knob meaning it is not a smooth rotation but one with tactile bumps in regular intervals.

The stepping should make it easier and more satisfying to make fine adjustments to volume.

Pressing the knob down mutes and un-mutes the device.

Mobile Device Docking

Meant to house a single device in landscape mode or two devices in portrait mode, ths 10-inch-long slot helps to prop up and dock your mobile devices for easy use with the keyboard.

Not only is this useful for the obvious applications like writing or chatting, it could also be useful for gaming, entertainment, and even streaming.

If you are a streamer that uses your phone or tablet for streaming remote software, you could easily dock your phone in the device slot and have a great linear option for streams that is both wireless and controls your volume easily.

Not every tablet will fit into this dock, depending on the screen size, aspect ratio, and bezel size.

While many tablets like iPad Pro 11″, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, and Amazon Fire 8″ will fit without much issue, others like the Fire 10″ and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are slightly too long and will only fit in portrait mode.

Be sure to measure your device beforehand to ensure it will fit length-wise in landscape mode.

Customer Service

The following has no influence on the outcome of this review, but as it was a part of the backer and customer experience, I felt it should be mentioned.

Epomaker is known to have very active and attentive customer service and social media relations; This is also the case with the K620T and its Kickstarter campaign.

After the campaign ended, there was an issue regarding the transfer of information between Epomaker and the shipping service that handled delivery.

As a result, a number of backers received the wrong color, wrong switch, or both; myself included.

I originally backed a white colored board with Pink linear switches, but ended up receiving a black colored board with Blue clicky switches.

This meant I could no longer use the keyboard for my original intended purpose for it: as a compact board I could use on the go and in shared spaces. Clicky switches eliminated that option out of courtesy and sanity for those around me.

Epomaker’s response was fast and transparent. Everyone affected received an email communicating the error and options for resolving the situation.

They admitted to the mistake and immediately offered resolution in the form of partial reimbursement. They are working hard to resolve the issue for everyone affected and make it right.

They might not be perfect but they do learn from mistakes and try to rectify the issues.

Customer service and communication are a big part of being a consumer, and Epomaker seems to excel in that respect.

What Would Improve The Keyboard?

The K620T proves to be a very innovative board that takes many steps in the right direction. It could be improved, though.

A 65% Layout would provide not only increased functionality, but extra room for a slightly longer device slot. The added length would add compatibility for a number of devices up to 12” in screen size.

Hot-Swap or more switch options would allow the consumer to choose the switch that’s right for them, beyond just linear vs clicky. As the Ajazz Pink is a heavier linear, it may cause some finger pain in those that aren’t used to more actuation force and bottom-out force. If noise is a concern, Silent switches or being able to easily lube switches and stabilizers would be invaluable.

A white backlight or more single-color RGB modes would help make this more work-safe and more personal. While the cyan backlight is not offensive, it’s also not for everyone.

Edit: The RGB can be adjusted with the Monstargears Ninja 71 software. Do not install firmware, only use the software to manage RGB. Credit to Epomaker Discord Member @slimy for the discovery.

A flush, notched toggle switch would perhaps be more ideal in a travel and mobile oriented device. As it stands, it takes quite a bit of force to toggle the switch. If the toggle becomes damaged, it would be difficult to replace and potentially make the keyboard unusable. A switch that is more smooth, flush, and has a thumbnail notch would be a better option.

Software/On-Board Memory would be the final step to make this the perfect portable peripheral for a modern mobile lifestyle.

These improvements would certainly increase the price-per-unit, but also make it a more compelling product. As it stands, the K620T is a very affordable and very practical option.

A Recommended Alternative: Kemove Shadow/Snowfox

Kemove Shadow/Snowfox mechanical keyboard

The Kemove Shadow and Snowfox are a 60% hotswap Bluetooth keyboard that come in black and white respectively.

The Kemove comes in both Mechanical and Optical switch options, and features 5-pin hotswap sockets to let you use any Cherry-style switch you want.

You can find the Kemove Shadow and Snowfox on Amazon.


Epomaker Ajazz K620T with iPad in the device slot
  • Volume Wheel
  • Mobile Device Slot
  • Dye-Sublimated PBT Keycaps
  • Bluetooth Mode Supports 3 Devices
  • Large 4400mah Battery
  • Decent Stabilizers
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Not Programmable
  • Not Hotswap
  • Low Compatibility for Mobile Devices with Cases
  • Lack of Single Color RGB Mode Except Blue
  • No Mac Modifier Keycaps

The K620T is a true contender in the compact wireless keyboard arena.

With features geared towards convenience and ease-of-use, and such a mobile-centric design, the K620T is a keyboard with few contenders.

With options for clicky and linear switches, the long lasting Bluetooth, and handy volume wheel, this is a great portable option and an ideal keyboard to pair with your mobile devices.

Though not the perfect board, it is a step in the right direction, and the fact remains that there is not much else like it in the market today.

This K620T is ideal for you if you value a relatively lightweight, convenient keyboard made for a modern, mobile, un-tethered lifestyle.

You can purchase the K620T directly from Epomaker or on Amazon for a good price.

Randall Jue

Randall is a longtime tech enthusiast and relative newcomer to the mechanical keyboard hobby. He has a background in philosophy, art, and design, and has a passion for research, education, and communication. He wants to share his knowledge and experience to help guide others down the deep rabbit hole.

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