Ajazz K870T Review: Where Budget and Utility Meet

The Ajazz K870T is a keyboard that’s absolutely packed with features.

In a more compact yet efficient TKL layout, this board delivers many features that cannot be found on many boards in this price range.

Let’s take a look at the Ajazz K870T and see how well this board performs and how useful the features are.

The Verdict

  • Convenient scroll wheel
  • Extra PBT keycaps
  • RGB lighting
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Weak build
  • Unknown switches
  • ABS Keycaps

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The K870T provides a scroll wheel, additional PBT keycaps, RGB lighting, and Windows/Mac compatibility all for a consumer-friendly price.

On top of all of that this board also supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

Many boards in its price range may deliver a couple of these features but none can compete completely with all these features.

The main downsides are the cheap feel, switches from an unknown company, and the use of ABS keycaps.

If you want a board with a lot of functionality but at a lower price point, then this board is a solid option to consider.

You can find the Ajazz K870T on Amazon.

In The Box

The Ajazz K870T comes in a nice cardboard box and is held together tightly. It is surrounded by a foam cover too.

In the box you will also see:

Instruction Manual: This is really useful to show you how to set up the board, use lighting, and other basic things to get to know your board.

Power Cable: In the box comes a braided USB A to USB C detachable power cable in the same color as the board. It measures 1.6m or about 5.2 feet.

Extra Colored Keycaps: If you want to spice up the theme, Ajazz includes extra keycaps for some of the modifier keys in multiple different colors.

Keycap Puller: To change out to stock keycaps with the included extras, they give you a plastic keycap puller. It isn’t the best as it can scratch the side of the keycaps but is very useful to change caps quickly and easily.

And that’s everything that is included.

It is nice that they include the basic stuff to use the board and extras to improve the user experience.

Build Quality

While the keyboard looks beautiful with the different colors, you run into some issues with the quality.

The case is made from plastic and can be easily flexed.

This is quite unfortunate as the flex results in a lack of confidence in the board. This is also not that great considering the price range as many boards have firmer plastic or even start to use metal.

For the case design, you can find this board in either a matte white or black design. You will also see the Ajazz logo on the front right side although it isn’t obnoxious.

The board has a very slight angle to it but if that isn’t enough there is a set of detachable rubber flip-out feet. Some may want an additional angle of feet but it is sufficient for most, especially for the price.

Something really nice to see is the use of a USB-C port. Many boards at this price range don’t even have a detachable cable and when they do it is typically mini-USB.

Unfortunately, the port is a bit recessed into the board. That means if you want to use a different cable like a custom one, your options are greatly limited.

The board’s overall build isn’t terrible but it is disappointing that the build materials were one of the places where sacrifices were made. It makes it feel a bit cheap.

The Keycaps

The K870T comes with a set of ABS keycaps in the OEM profile. The thin ABS means these keycaps will gather oils and grease from hands easily and will feel quite smooth.

The OEM profile is standard across the majority of pre-built keyboards.

It is a sculpted profile and it contours to your hands’ shape. If you have used a mechanical keyboard in the past it will be very easy to get used to this board.

The legends of the board are clear with sub-legends below to clearly describe functions on other layers. On the function row, for example, the sub legends describe the different media keys.

For the main legends, those are made from the doubleshot method which means reliability is not a concern and the clarity of the legend is good. You don’t need to worry about the legend wearing off over time.

The keycaps will be the same color as the board depending on what version you get, black or white. They have a matte color.

Ajazz also gives you a set of extra keycaps in different colors. They are instead made from PBT and are a bit higher quality. This is a great way to spice up your board while the board costs the same.

This quality is pretty consistent for this price range but it would have nice to have gotten PBT rather than ABS keycaps. The extra set of keys is definitely a nice extra though.

The Switches

With the K870T, you have four keycap options from a company called Huano. I’ve never heard of Huano and little is known about the reliability of them.

They are just a clone of the Cherry style switches.

Huano Black: A heavy linear switch that’s great for gaming and typing.

Huano Red: A light linear switch. Great for gaming.

Huano Blue: Loud and clicky switch. Great for typing alone.

Huano Brown: A medium weight tactile switch, good for typing and gaming. Its bump is very slight.

In our test sample, we had the black switches and they didn’t feel too bad for a clone switch.

The only disappointment is the lack of knowledge about them but just that they have similar specs to Cherry’s MX switches.

The Stabilizers

The stabilizers are your regular Cherry style plate-mounted style, so they attach to the top plate.

The spacebar feels pretty stable but the other stabilized keys are unfortunately quite rattly. In addition to that, there is no factory lube. As a result, the sound provides a loud metallic ping sound.

This is not bad for the price but you definitely get what you pay for. It is on par with the majority of keyboards for the price

The spacebar may feel better than the other stabs but the sound of all the stabilizers could be improved by modding the stabs.

You can band-aid, clip, and lube the stabs to make them sound better.

Convenient Scroll Wheel

Horizontally-mounted above the arrow keys and below the navigation cluster on the board is a scroll wheel.

Although the scroll wheel is in an unusual position it is not uncomfortable. You may actually like it more than the scroll wheels that are typically in the top right corner.

The two small buttons allow you to control the brightness and sound level on your computer.

A scroll wheel is really nice to have when you want to change volume very quickly.

If you’re in a full-screen application and don’t want to exit, a scroll wheel is an easy way to change your volume. You don’t need to go to your taskbar and increase volume and can stay focused on the content onscreen.

This is a great feature to have and it provides a lot of functionality.

Wireless Connectivity

One feature that stands out is the wireless connectivity through Bluetooth.

You can connect the board to up to three devices via Bluetooth 3.0.

Bluetooth 3.0 is a bit outdated as the current version is 5., but these speeds are sufficient for typing. When gaming it is recommended that you use this board wired.

The K870T holds a 2000maH rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

With RGB on you can get about 8 hours on but without the lighting, you can get about 100 hours. If you use the RGB then you can just charge the board at night when you leave your setup or it will charge while gaming.

Ajazz has implemented some power-saving methods while on the wireless mode. The RGB will turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity and the entire board after about 30 minutes.

The wireless connectivity is a great feature to make your setup cleaner and it makes the board more portable.

RGB Lighting

On a white keyboard, the RGB lighting looks great.

The light reflects off of the white and really pops.

RGB is a great way to spice up your setup, plus you will be able to see legends more easily, even in the dark.

There are 18 different lighting effects that you can choose from with the option to change the speed and brightness.

You can easily change between presets and brightness using secondary layers in the navigation and arrow keys.


  • Convenient scroll wheel
  • Extra PBT keycaps
  • RGB lighting
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Weak build
  • Unknown switches

Rating: 4 out of 5.

There are many boards in this price range but none deliver as many exciting features as the Ajazz K870T.

This board is compact, but still provides a lot of utility in a TKL layout by removing the unnecessary number pad.

The RGB is quite vibrant with shine through keycaps making your setup look better and it can further be added to with the extra included keycaps.

The wireless connectivity is great to see in addition to everything else like the scroll wheel which helps the user be more efficient, not needing to take time to go to the taskbar to change their volume.

Overall the board is pretty great but the lack of quality materials, the use of unknown switches, and ABS keycaps are a bit disappointing.

The K870T empowers users to get more from a keyboard with a lot of great functionality.

If you are interested in checking out this board, you can find the Ajazz K870T on Amazon.

Happy Typing!

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