The Best Ducky Mechanical Keyboards

Ducky is one of the most popular mechanical keyboard companies at the moment. The Ducky One 2 Mini took the mechanical keyboard world by storm, and for good reason. But how do the rest of their mechanical keyboards match up?  Today we’re going to compare the Ducky One 2 Mini, One 2 SF, One 2 TKL RGB, Mecha Mini, and the MIYA PRO to determine the winner.

A Basic Overview of Ducky Mechanical Keyboards

Ducky Miya mechanical keyboard

Ducky has 5 main keyboards. The Ducky One 2 Mini, a 60% layout with plastic case. The Mecha Mini, a 60% with an aluminum case. The One 2 SF and MIYA Pro, both with 65% layouts. And the One 2 TKL RGB, a tenkeyless layout.

If you were to ask 50 people for their recommendation on a good mechanical keyboard, chances are at least half of them will point you to Ducky. There are few things that come standard with all Ducky keyboards, including: PBT keycaps, Cherry MX switches, RGB lighting, awesome build quality, and the standard features that come with any mechanical keyboards such as N-key rollover and long lasting performance.

Unique Layouts for Portability and Extra Desk Space

It’s hard to deny that Ducky makes some unique layouts, and they tend to dominate the market. Most tech peripheral companies that build mechanical keyboards typically only make tenkeyless or full-sized layouts. The standard layouts are great for your everyday user, but for someone who values desk space and being able to take their keyboard on the go, tend to enjoy the 60/65% layouts more.

Awesome Switch Options

Ducky Keyboards usually have a large selection of different switch types which makes them really attractive for those with a particular taste in switches. Ducky keyboards give you access to the entire Cherry MX lineup including Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Silver, and Silent Red. Whether you’re looking for a tactile, linear, or clicky switch, there’s an option out there for you.

Cherry Silent Reds Are an Option

In addition, the Cherry MX Silent Red’s aren’t usually offered with other keyboards, which puts Ducky in a great spot for keyboard users who enjoy a quiet typing and gaming experience with the benefits of a linear switch. Keep in mind this switch type is typically more expensive due to the extra work that goes into soundproofing these switches.

Kailh Switches: Clicky and Speed Switches

With specific Ducky models, there are also Kailh switches available for use. In our experience, Kailh makes the best Clicky switches on the market, so if you want a loud and proud switch, you may be able to find a Ducky keyboard with the perfect clicky switch.

There are also Kailh Speed switches available out there for the super competitve gamers. The Speed switches lower the actuation and travel distance of the switch to improve the response time when playing a game to give you a slight advantage over the competition.

Ducky Keyboard Size Comparison:

Keyboard ModelKeyboard Size
Ducky One 2 Mini60%
Ducky One 2 SF65%
Ducky One 2 TKL RGBTenkeyless
Ducky Mecha Mini60%
Ducky MIYA Pro65%
You can read more about different keyboard sizes here.

The Best Mechanical Keyboards from Ducky:

Let’s dive into our ranking of the Ducky keyboards and talk about all of the awesome features in each keyboard. We’ll look at price, features, durability, and the overall uniqueness of each keyboard.

1. Ducky MIYA Pro

Ducky MIYA Pro mechanical keyboard
Photo by u/Crexmy

The Ducky MIYA Pro is one of the lesser known mechanical keyboards from Ducky. The keyboard features an 65% layout, which maximally balances compactness and comfort. As a matter of fact, this keyboard actually ranked #1 on our favorite 65% mechanical keyboards list, so this keyboard is nothing to scoff at.

Smallest Size with Arrow Keys

The Ducky MIYA Pro has the perfect layout in my opinion. The 65% size gets rid of some of the non-essential keys, such as the number pad and function row, but the keyboard still has the arrow keys so you can easily navigate around the page or use them for gaming.

Awesome Designs

Our favorite features of the Ducky MIYA Pro are how awesomely unique the design and layout of the keyboard is. We linked a few different designs so you could check them out for yourself (on They have different themes, such as Panda, Sea, Forest, and they are all unique and aesthetic.

Ton of Different Switch Options

If you’re particular about your switch, don’t worry, there are several different options to choose from. You have the pick of the litter from the entire Cherry MX switch line-up (including the Silent Red) so you can decide between clicky, linear, or tactile switches and which spring heaviness works best for you.

2. Ducky Mecha Mini

Ducky Mecha Mini mechanical keyboard
Photo by u/HoodieNL

The Ducky Mecha Mini is another awesome keyboard from Ducky. The Mecha Mini features a 60% layout and is the only keyboard from Ducky that has an aluminum build.

The design of this keyboard is based on the Ducky One 2 Mini (next on the list), but with an aluminum case instead of plastic. The keyboard has black keycaps with a red colored enter key and the trademark Ducky spacebar. The design is clean and unique.

Sturdy Aluminum Case

The aluminum case makes the keyboard extra durable and flex-resistant, so you know the keyboard will be sturdy. The keyboard is also slightly heavier than usual, but that makes for a more stable feeling keyboard. The metal case does make the keyboard produce a slight metallic tinging noise when typing, but that can be fixed with a quick keyboard modification.

Sleek Design

The keycaps are made from a high quality PBT Doubleshot process, so the RGB backlighting can shine through and make the legends even more visible. The Keycaps also have legends in the front as well with different layers and shortcuts to make the typing experience quicker and easier to use on such a small layout size.

Should you Get the Ducky Mecha Mini?

If you’re looking for a really good 60% mechanical keyboard, it’s hard to beat the Ducky Mecha Mini. The aluminum case, PBT keycaps, and awesome build quality all make this a great keyboard. The only thing that might hold someone back is the small compact layout. You can check out this keyboard on for a really good price.

3. Ducky One 2 Mini

Ducky One 2 Mini mechanical keyboard

Check out our full review of the Ducky One 2 Mini.

The Ducky One 2 Mini is the keyboard that started the craze for 60% mechanical keyboards and sprouted dozens of different imitation models. And since imitation is the highest form of flattery, you can imagine the Ducky One 2 Mini is quite the keyboard.

The 60% layout was considered a niche outside layout until this keyboard hit the market. So, what about this keyboard is special?

PBT Doubleshot Keycaps

In the mechanical keyboard world, it’s not usual to sell a keyboard with such high-quality keycaps. Most keyboards come with low-quality and thin ABS keycaps that wear down and get a shiny look to them over time. On top of the PBT keycaps, the spacebar also comes with a design unique to Ducky that really sets the keyboard apart from others in terms of style.

Switches Galore

There are so many different switch options available on this keyboard. The entire Cherry MX lineup is available, including some from Kailh as well. The Kailh Box Whites are my preferred option for a clicky switch, while the Kailh Speed Copper and Pro Burgundy don’t disappoint as well.

Why Did the Ducky One 2 Mini Rank #3?

Considering how popular this keyboard is, why did it rank #3 on this list? Well, since Ducky has released the Mecha Mini, which is the exact same keyboard but with an aluminum frame, Ducky has one-upped themselves in terms of quality and performance. In addition, the MIYA Pro has a better layout in my opinion for someone looking for a compact keyboard.

Should You Get the Ducky One 2 Mini?

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a great option if the Mecha Mini is outside your price range. The Ducky One 2 Mini is a great keyboard on its own and is slightly more affordable than the Mecha Mini. You can find the Ducky One 2 Mini on for a great price.

4. Ducky One 2 SF

Ducky One 2 SF mechanical keyboard
Photo by u/lharmy89

The Ducky One 2 SF is another really cool option from Ducky. This keyboard also features a 65% layout, with a build that’s very similar to the MIYA pro, just slightly different. The main difference is the arrow keys are not spaced away from the rest of the layout.  The software is the same as the One 2 Mini as well.

Another Awesome 65% Layout

We said it before and we’ll say it again, the 65% layout is really good form factor. The layout really lets you have a compact keyboard, but without having to sacrifice the arrow keys like you do with a 60% layout. For some reason, the 65% layout is overlooked by mechanical keyboard enthusiasts when it’s a real gem.

Why Did the Ducky One 2 SF Rank #4?

While the Ducky One 2 SF is another good option from Ducky, but this keyboard ranked #4 because we feel it basically copied the One 2 Mini design, but with a slightly different form factor. The MIYA Pro has a much more original design and does the 65% layout better, with the arrow keys being spaced away slightly. There’s just too much competition within the Ducky family for this keyboard to really set itself apart.

Should you get the Ducky One 2 SF?

It’s really hard find a situation to recommend this keyboard when the MIYA Pro exists. The MIYA Pro has so many awesome custom designs and has a better layout. If you really like the way the One 2 SF looks and want a simple and clean keyboard, it could be a good pick for you. You can find the Ducky One 2 SF on through this link.

5. Ducky One 2 TKL RGB

Ducky One 2 TKL RGB mechanical keyboard
Photo by u/WestGateStation

Last up is the Ducky One 2 TKL with RGB lighting. If you’re looking for the magic of the Ducky One 2 Mini, but in an easier to use tenkeyless layout, the One 2 TKL is a great option. The main difference with this keyboard is of course of the size, being larger and bulkier than the other keyboards from Ducky.

Cool Black & White Colorway

The TKL RGB has a really cool colorway that isn’t found on their other keyboards. The case is a nice mix of black and white, that looks similar to a finish line from car racing. The Ducky logo is displayed on the case in a Black and Red colored font that compliment the rest of the keyboard in an aesthetic way.

Why Did the Ducky One 2 TKL Rank #5?

With Ducky making a standard sized tenkeyless layout, we feel that Ducky lost its magic touch. The things that set Ducky apart, such as unique layouts and unique custom design are lost on this keyboard. While being a solid keyboard with good features, the TKL size feels kind of boring and uninspired.

Should you Get the Ducky One 2 TKL?

You should buy the Ducky One 2 TKL if you love the Ducky design, but the 60/65% sizes feel too small and uncomfortable for you. TKL is a good size if you don’t feel the need to do much data entry, but still rely on the function row and home cluster in day-to-day use of your keyboard. You can find the Ducky One 2 TKL on through this link.

Wrapping Up the List

Ducky 60% mechanical keyboard
Photo by u/ultowich

That about does it for our ranking of the Ducky mechanical keyboards. What do you think about Ducky keyboards? They are one of the best, most reputable brands on the market right now for getting a quality mechanical keyboard, whether it’s for gaming, typing, or browsing Facebook. Our ranking of the Ducky keyboards may seem a little strange, but once you really see what the Ducky MIYA Pro layout has to offer, you’ll understand why we ranked that keyboard model number 1.

The other models such as the Ducky One 2 Mini, One 2 SF, Mecha Mini, and One 2 RGB are all great keyboards as well. Picking out the perfect Ducky keyboard really comes down to what you’re looking for in a keyboard, such as size, portability, price, etc.

Ducky “One” vs “One 2”: What’s the Difference?

Ducky has two main mechanical keyboard types, the One & One 2. The Ducky One is their older design that features a micro-USB port. The One 2 has a USB-C port. Everything else about the two different models is basically the same. Getting a USB-C is better than micro-USB because the power cable is reversible, so you can’t accidently plug it in upside down. We recommend going for the newer One 2 model for this reason. If the Ducky One 2 keyboard you’re looking for is out of stock (happens quite often due to the popularity) and you don’t mind micro-USB, you can purchase the Ducky One instead.

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