Corsair K60 Low Profile Review: Excellent for Gaming

The Corsair K60 is a low-profile board that delivers excellent performance, especially for gamers.

In this review, we will discuss the things that matter most like the build quality and components used so you can decide if this is the right board for you.

The Verdict

Corsair K60 Low Profile mechanical keyboard on a keyboard stand

The Corsair K60 is a keyboard that stands out.

Coming in a low-profile design with excellent build quality – powered by Corsair’s powerful iCue softare.

The Cherry MX Low Profile switches provide excellent performance while still keeping good reliability.

Gamers can benefit from the quicker response of the switches and for those who want a keyboard that is easily portable, the K60 delivers good performance.

The low profile design also allows a more ergonomic feel but does not require someone to take time to make a switch to a different style like when switching to ergonomic boards.

If you want to use the board for professional or gaming situations it could be a good choice because the design isn’t super gamery.

If you are an enthusiast or want to get more invested in the mechanical keyboard hobby this board is not the option for you.

The cable can’t be removed so you can’t add a custom cable and the stock keycaps are not that great. Even though the keycaps can be replaced there are a limited number of options because the set will need to be low profile.

If the Corsair K60 Low Profile has piqued your interest, you check it out on Amazon for a good price.

In The Box

The Corsair K60 Low Profile comes with only the essentials.

When you open the box you will see:

The Keyboard: The Keyboard is exposed as the first thing held nicely in the box so it doesnt move around during shipping.

Paperwork: Besides the keyboard, there is also the necessary documentation. Inside holds the user manual and the warranty. The warranty is Corsair’s standard 2-year warranty for keyboards.

That is about it.

It would have been nicer for there to be more in the box such as a dust cover or keycap puller.

You get everything that you need and nothing extra.

Build Quality

Angled view of Corsair K60 low profile mechanical keyboard sitting on a deskmat

The build quality is pretty solid on Corsair products and the K60 Low Profile is no different.

The case of the K60 has a plastic underbelly with an aluminum top plate. The top plate is brushed aluminum which looks really nice but can get dirty fairly easily.

On the underside of the case, there are five large rubber pads so this board will not move around.

The case is thin but still manages to be very sturdy with no flex.

There is one level of height adjustment which should be sufficient for most. The keyboard is already slightly angled so it is useable without flipping out the feet either.

The only downside is the non-detachable power cable. It is a braided cable that is pretty thin but it would be nice to be able to detach the cable for it to further improve portability and allow some customization.

Overall, the build quality is pretty good for the price and there are no major concerns.

The Keycaps

The keycaps are ABS plastic with double-shot legends so the long term reliability of the legends is not an issue.

The ABS plastic does present an issue as it tends to pick up body oils very quickly.

Even with clean hands, we found that bodily oils got onto the board. You can see and also feel the oil and grease on the keycaps.

There no texture on the keycaps so they feel very smooth. Due to no texture, this also helps in the build-up of bodily oils on the keycaps.

The caps are quite thin, which isn’t a major issue but it can affect the sound output.

The effect on sound usually results in a higher pitch, which for some may be an issue.

Corsair’s K60 is RGB so the legends of the keycaps are clear and let in a good amount of light without looking overly gamery. It has a nice look for gamers but also could be potentially used in more of an office setting.

The keycaps are also low-profile to further make these more portable and take up less space. The keycaps need to be shorter because with the regular keycaps on gaming keyboards they would be too tall to fit on the K60.

The keycaps can always be replaced due to a standard bottom row and regular switch stems. Just make sure the keycaps are low profile so they don’t interfere with the plate.

Overall the keycaps do the job and show the lighting very well but aren’t the best quality.

The Switches

Switches on Corsair K60 Low Profile mechanical keyboard

The switch department is pretty good.

The Cherry MX low profile line provides good reliability with 50 million keystrokes guaranteed by Cherry and very quick activation.

The Corsair K60 Low Profile provides one option with the Low Profile Speed switches from Cherry.

Cherry’s low profile speed switches are in a transparent housing to allow lighting to easily pass through. They activate at 1mm with 45g of force making these a great option for gamers. The total travel distance is 3.2mm compared to the regular 3.5mm to 4mm travel distance of normal switches.

The speed switches are linear. These speed low profile switches are smoother than most of the offerings from Cherry in their regular MX line.

Due to the quick activation of the speed switches, they are a great option for gamers. The travel distance is short enough that the switches can be thinner and faster but still retain a great enough travel distance that they still are nice to type on.

Because of the regular Cherry MX stem design, you can always replace the keycaps of the keyboard as long as they are low profile keycaps.

Although there is only one option the Low Profile Speed switch is a great option for both gamers and typists and if you like linear switches you may find this very enjoyable.

The Stabilizers

The objective of stabilizers is to reduce the larger keys, for example, space, from rattling or shaking.

The stabilizers of the K60 Low Profile are different compared to Cherry’s regular stabilizers. They are Cherry style but not genuine Cherry stabs. They are recessed into the body to support the lower profile design of the board.

The stabilizers are a white color but you can’t notice this with the keycaps on.

The stabilizers overall feel pretty good and are an improvement over Corsair’s usual stabilizers. Many people have found issues with Cherry stabilizers but these new ones are quite good and have no major issues with sound or feel.

The Software

The K60 low-profile is supported by Corsair’s iCue.

iCue provides a lot of functionality. You can customize RGB lighting per each individual key and sync to any other RGB products from Corsair.

With iCue supported games, your keyboard can represent the colors on your screen.

For example in the game Far Cry, if looking at a flag you can see the colors on the flag portrayed on the keyboard.

You can also use iCue to add to the immersion by using color tones from the background of the scene you are in.

The software also allows you to remap keys and create macros very easily. You can set media keys, open apps quickly, and more.

Although there is great software support, there is no onboard memory so you can not save lighting presets, macros, or any other changes onto the board.

This means you must have iCue open in the background to have all your settings.

The software provides a lot of functionality but sadly it doesn’t save to the board.


top view of Corsair K60 Low Profile on deskmat

The Corsair K60 Low Profile with its low profile design and switches makes it a great option for gaming and portable situations.

It is a good board with a very thin design and it has support with iCue for in-depth control.

The low profile Cherry MX switches deliver great performance as well as reliability so the user does not have to worry about the life of the switches.

The quicker actuation can give the edge for gamers and the low-profile design also allows the board to be more portable and more ergonomic to type on compared to regular mechanical keyboards.

Although the board is marketed for gamers in mind. This K60 is not for enthusiasts and people investing more into the hobby of mechanical keyboards.

Overall the board is a great pick, especially for the gaming crowd, if you want solid performance and reduced height.

If you like the Corsair K60 Low Profile or want to learn more you can see it on Amazon through this link.

Happy typing!

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