Roccat ELO X Stereo vs 7.1 Air: Compared

Roccat launched their ELO headset lineup with three headsets: X Stereo, 7.1 USB, and 7.1 Air. These headsets are similar, vary slightly, and different in price.

In this article, we’ll be comparing the most budget-friendly option, the Roccat ELO X Stereo, to the most expensive option, the Roccat ELO 7.1 Air.

Which one is the better buy and why?

Best Bang for Buck Headset: Roccat ELO X Stereo

Roccat ELO X Stereo headset on a headphone stand

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Best for Portability: Roccat ELO 7.1 Air

Roccat ELO 7.1 Air on a headphone stand

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The Verdict

From a first glance, there seems to be barely anything different about these headsets. One is wired, one is wireless. But the difference is more than that.

The price difference is about $50 between the X Stereo and the 7.1 Air.

The overall winner is the Roccat Elo X Stereo, which is the best bang for your dollars. Despite being wired, it provides many of the same benefits as the 7.1 air. This includes the high quality microphone, the software, and overall build quality and design.

A big benefit that it has over the 7.1 Air is that the X Stereo is compatible with pretty much any platform. It’s not limited to just PC.

The X Stereo works with phones, PS4, Xbox, and PC. All it needs to connect is a 3.5mm jack, and it even comes with a splitter for your PC.

If you’re looking for a high-quality yet super affordable headset coming in at about $50, the Roccat Elo X Stereo is a great option to look at.

You can check out the headset here on Amazon for its affordable price.

A Closer Look at Both Headsets

Angled view of Roccat ELO X Stereo on a headphone stand with the box in the background

Build Quality and Design: Winner = Roccat 7.1 Air

Although the build quality and design of both headsets are very similar, the Roccat 7.1 Air pulls out on top with its RGB lights on the side and additional sound controls on the earcup itself.

As for build quality, you can tell both headsets come from the same schematic.

The top of the headband has a sturdy metal frame that is flexible, doesn’t break, and doesn’t touch your head (which adds to its comfort, which we’ll touch on later on).

The earcups have several angles of movement, including a top-down rotation, a side-to-side swivel, and flexion/expansion of the headband up top.

Comfort: Winner = X Stereo

Both headsets feature the same suspension style design of the headband up top.

Your head never touches the metal headband because of the self-adjusting metal pad. It’ll adjust to the size of your head right when you put it on. No more manual adjustments of each individual arm.

Just pick up, put on, and play. Easy!

Both headsets have soft cooling foam padding around each earcup. There is plenty of room, so your ears don’t touch the drivers at all. And they don’t get smushed either.

The clamp is about the same as well, with no need to break these headsets in or anything crazy. Alongside that, they don’t fall off when you move around or bend over.

The X Stereo headset is slightly lighter than the 7.1 headsets. coming in at about 40g lighter.

Roccat ELO X Stereo304g
Roccat ELO 7.1 Air342g

Despite it being a small gram difference, over long periods of time, it is completely noticeable that the 7.1 Air packs more weight inside to allow Bluetooth and more.

Connectivity: Winner = X Stereo

X StereoPC, PS4, Xbox, PhoneWired
7.1 AirPCWireless via 2.4G dongle

The X Stereo is compatible with all devices, only requiring a 3.5mm audio jack to connect.

To use it with PC, you can use the included splitter to connect and use the microphone as well.

For other devices, the splitter isn’t necessary. Now the X Stereo is wired, which means it’s not the cleanest. But there’s no lag at all.

The 7.1 Air headset connects via a 2.4G dongle, which is only compatible with PC.

It’s very easy to connect, just plug in the dongle to your PC, wait for a little until it beeps, and then you can use it.

Microphone: Winner = 7.1 Air

Roccat ELO X Stereo headset sitting on a deskmat

Both headsets have detachable microphones, which are exactly the same.

The 7.1 Air wins this one because Roccat has software specifically for the 7.1 Air for better background noise-cancelling and voice adjustments as well.

Within the software, you can change your voice to a cartoon, monster, more feminine voice, or a more masculine voice.

On top of that, it allows you to change the sensitivity of the microphone too.

On the side of the left earcup, the 7.1 Air has the ability to turn up or down the microphone playback. This allows you to hear what you are saying.

The downside is that the 7.1 Air can only connect to PC, and the software needs to be downloaded. For more information on the software, visit the 7.1 Air product page.

Sound Quality: Winner = 7.1 Air

The 7.1 Air sound quality is the same as the X Stereo. However, with the software, you can access 7.1 surround sound and equalizer settings to change the sound signature to something you like to listen to.

Other than that, the sound quality of both are about the same.

The bass is nice and loud. At high volumes, the bass tends to get muddy and take over everything else you hear.

At intermediate volumes, everything sounds clear and crisp.

For music listening, the bass and highs are good. The mid ranges fall flat. The sound signature is very similar to other gaming headsets in this sense.

Noise-Isolation: Winner = Tie

Both headsets us the same ear cushions and earcup style. The noise-isolation on them is very similar.

When the headset is on, you can hear little noise around you. If someone is talking to you, you’ll have to move one ear to the side or take them off to talk to them.

Software: Winner = 7.1 Air

The software is only available for the 7.1 Air. The X Stereo headset is more of just a plug-and-play.

This can be a good thing because software can be troublesome to download and have open all the time.

Best Overall Headset: Roccat ELO X Stereo

Roccat ELO X Stereo on a headphone stand with plant in the background

Although the 7.1 Air wins more categories in this comparison, it doesn’t warrant its $100 price tag.

The $100 headset price point, and it is super competitive as well. For a wireless headset at this price, a really good option to check out is the Steelseries Arctis 1 wireless headset on Amazon.

However, if you’re not in the market for a wireless headset, the Roccat ELO X Stereo is a great option for its affordable price tag.

The sound quality is good at low to intermediate volumes, the microphone is good, it is compatible with all platforms, and the overall design is comfortable and allows you to game for long sessions.

If you want to, you can check out the Roccat ELO X Stereo here on Amazon.

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