HyperX Cloud 2 Review: Still Good in 2021?

The HyperX Cloud 2 headset is an extremely comfortable headset that sits right under $100. It is the upgraded and improved version of the original HyperX Cloud headset.

It came out in 2015, but with all over the other headsets right now under $100, is the HyperX Cloud 2 still a good purchase? Or is it better to pick something else?

These improvements include an upgraded USB sound card with audio controls, a dedicated carrying case, and better microphone quality as well.

This headset is perfect for gamers who play for many hours on end who want to do so with comfort because the headset does actually feel like a cloud on top of your head.

The Verdict

HyperX Cloud 2 sitting on deskmat

This product is perfect for gamers who want to purchase a headset that is extremely comfortable, great with glasses, and doesn’t have any hotspots after hours of wear.

For people who are interested in the having the best sound quality or a using a portable headset, this probably won’t fit the bill.

The HyperX Cloud 2 features a very long cable that is nondetachable from the headset itself. Alongside that, it’s not an audiophile-grade headset. It is, however, great for gaming.

Despite it being several years later, this product still stands true to the test of time. I’ve had my headset for over 3 years now, and it’s performing like new. There are no scuffs, scrapes, anything.

The audio drivers sound great even for casual listening of music. It still remains the most comfortable headset I’ve ever put on my head.

If you’re interested, check out the link below to check the product out on Amazon.

We’ll also talk about a good alternative to the HyperX Cloud 2’s down below that are compared with these headsets very often.

In The Box

earpads and adapter for HyperX Cloud 2

Inside the box, you will get the headset itself, a detachable USB audio card, an adapter for airplanes, a detachable microphone, extra set of ear cups in a velour plush material, and a carrying bag.

  • Detachable USB Audio Card: This acts as a way to control the volume, mute functions, activate surround sound 7.1, turn up and down the microphone volume, and more.
  • Adapter for airplanes: I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in a situation where this actually needs to be used… but at this point, I’ve lost it. It’s been over 3 years now.
  • Detachable microphone: It’s bendable and inserts right into the left side of the headset.
  • Carrying case: The carrying case closes via a drawstring and keeps the headset safe from scratches and scrapes when in travel. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing special. It’s a soft bag.
  • Extra set of ear cups: This is convenient if you want to change to another material. The pleather material does heat up after hours of use and switching to the velour material may be better. However, it doesn’t isolate sound as well.

Everything you need is right in the box to get the headset working properly. There’s no need for any drivers or software downloads.

Just plug in and play!

Build Quality

close up of headband on HyperX Cloud 2

The overall build quality of the HyperX Cloud 2s are spectacular. However, there are some downsides that might be troublesome down the road.

The headband of the headset is lined with memory foam. It’s stitched in an accent color (either red or white, depending on the colorway you picked).

On top of the headband, you’ll see the brand HyperX stitched into it. On the more recent models, it’s not stitched but simply printed on instead. I definitely prefer the stitched version.

The headband will open up and flex back to its closed position, even after several hundred uses. The end pieces that connect the headband to the ear cups are made of plastic.

This is the first point of failure that could occur if you were to treat the headset without proper care.

There are metal screws that screw the plastic ends together.

The metal connectors come out of the plastic pieces to connect to the individual ear cups.

These are high-quality, sturdy, and don’t flex at all.

The second point of potential failure occurs at the connections on the ear cups. These are also made of small pieces of plastic that are screwed together.

The ear cups themselves have metal plates that feature the HyperX logo in big bold branding.

The long braided cable is detachable. The cord is soldered into the headset itself, so if anything happens to the cord, that’s the end.

The microphone is detachable and replaceable if it does incur damages at any point.

Overall, the quality of the headset is durable and sturdy, especially over time.

However, if you do have children or young kids playing about who could possibly drop your headsets, the HyperX Cloud 2s may not last as long as they potentially can.


earcups on HyperX Cloud 2

As far as comfort goes, the HyperX Cloud 2s are as comfortable as they get.

The plushness of the memory foam along the headband and the ear cups enable you to wear them for hours on end without feeling any pressure points or hot spots.

Switching out ear cups is easy. Just pull the old ones out, and then slide the new ones back in around the plastic casing.

After many years, the pleather material has yet to crack or lose their shape. The foam snaps back into place, even after prolonged wearing sessions.

The HyperX Cloud 2s will fit many different head sizes. The metal frames on the sides are adjustable and will slide in and out to fit any head size.

It has different steps that you can feel and hear as you pass each step.

If you’re looking for a comfortable headset, the HyperX Cloud 2s will not disappoint.


The sound quality of this headset is great for all-around listening, whether it be for study music, pop songs, gaming sounds, whatever. This headset does great!

It’s definitely not a high-end audiophile headphone, but for a gaming headset, the audio quality is exceptionally good.

It has 53mm drivers and closed back ear cups.

The sound isolation is this headset is very good, you won’t get distracted at all while gaming.

Even when talking to a person close by, you’ll have to remove one of the ear cups to hear them properly. This can be a good or bad thing.

The HyperX Cloud 2s with the pleather ear cups will isolate sound within your listening zones alone.

It doesn’t have active noise cancellation, but the passive noise isolation works wonders.

Even lawnmowers and leaf blowers won’t interfere with your gameplay or work with this headset on.


The microphone is a detachable noise cancellation microphone.

It simply connects via a port on the left side of the headset. When it’s not in use, you can disconnect it and place it somewhere safe.

The microphone has a bendable arm of a fixed length. You can move it closer or farther from your mouth easily.

The end is encased in a foam material to reduce the sounds of winds and breathing. You don’t want people hearing you breath, it can get awkward.

It is a condenser type microphone with a cardioid pattern. It will pick up sounds in front of it.

An added benefit to having a detachable microphone is that when it breaks, you can purchase a new microphone without having to replace the entire headset.

The sound quality is pretty good too. On Discord, Twitch, YouTube, whatever you use to stream or record or talk on, your audience and mates will be able to hear you properly.

The added benefit of the noise cancellation is that you can have things running in the back such as a fan or the AC unit.

Sound Card

USB audio card for HyperX Cloud 2

The USB detachable audio card improves the sound quality of the HyperX Cloud 2s a lot. It’s definitely something that’s sort of a must-have.

Without the sound card, the headset is pretty average, I would say.

The sound card has a 2m length cable that will then attach to a USB port on your computer.

It has a 3.5mm plug on the other side that will connect to your headset.

The audio controls available on the sound card are as follows:

  • Mute: The mute toggle slider is on the left hand side of the sound card. It’s easy to read whether its on mute or not.
  • Microphone volume controls: There are individual buttons for microphone volume up and volume down.
  • Headset volume controls: Next to the microphone controls are the headset volume controls for up and down.
  • Surround sound 7.1 button: The middle button is the 7.1 button. When it’s turned on, it will glow bright red. When it’s off, there is no light behind it.

The card itself can clip onto your pocket or shirt to make sure it doesn’t fall.

One of the downsides of the HyperX Cloud 2s is that the cables are extremely long. Often times, I find my chair riding over the cable, thank goodness it’s braided.

The audio card has to clip onto something or else it falls too.

The 7.1 Surround Sound improves gameplay moments and makes it even more intense.

Alternatives to the Product

HyperX Cloud Alpha: More Durable and Timeless Design

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is very similar to the Cloud 2s. However, it has a detachable cable into the headset itself and in-line controls.

This means, even if the cable breaks, you can purchase and replace the cable as necessary.

There are two chambers within ear cup for decreased distortion and better audio quality.

With this headset, you no longer need the USB sound card that the HyperX Cloud 2s need to have.

Many have said that the audio on the Cloud Alphas are superior to the Cloud 2s.

Both headsets cost about the same, but the design of the Alphas seem to be more durable.


close up of earcup on HyperX Cloud 2

The HyperX Cloud 2s have a design that has been proven to be comfortable and good for all-around uses, including gaming and listening to music.

It has good build quality. However, there are some parts that could use improvement.

When treated well, these headsets can last for multiple years.

The HyperX Cloud 2 headset is perfect for gamers that want to feel good and comfortable even after hours of wear, whether it be for studying, listening to music, or gaming.

The look good and feel good too.

If you’re interested in checking them out, this headset is available on Amazon for an affordable price.

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