GMMK Pro Review: This Keyboard Definitely Shocked Me

If you’re looking to build a mechanical keyboard anytime soon, the GMMK Pro might be the option you’re looking for.

With enough features to make an enthusiast blush, the GMMK Pro is a strong contender.


The Main Takeaways

The GMMK Pro is the go-to pick if you take your mechanical keyboard seriously and want to go to the next level. While the keyboard is not perfect, it is a better option than other custom keyboards at the same price point or higher. You can experience the premium mechanical keyboard feel while testing features such as gasket mount, screw-in stabilizers, and more without the headaches of a traditional group buy.

General Usage: For browsing the internet, writing emails, and more, this keyboard is perfect. You’ll have a satisfying experience and the 75% layout includes all of the keys needed at your fingertips. The software allows for remapping keys, macros, and more for a streamlined experience.

Typing: For typing, the GMMK Pro is a dream. Made with the typing experience in mind, this keyboard offers satisfying sound, feel, and aesthetics. The gasket mount offers a springy feel and the heavy case with insulated foam allows for a nice sounding keystroke. The GOAT stabilizers feel stable, although the spacebar does tend to rattle a little.

Gaming: While not made specifically for gaming, the GMMK Pro could be an excellent gaming pick. With your choice of mechanical switch, you can opt for a gaming switch such as the Cherry MX Speed Silver. Not to mention the polling rate is 1000 Hz resulting in a low 1ms latency.

Programming: If you’re a programmer who never uses the number pad, the 75% layout of the GMMK Pro should be sufficient. With the excellent typing experience and strong software, you have a lot of power at your fingertips. The GMMK Pro is an excellent choice for programmers who are passionate about keyboards.

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GMMK Pro 75% Mechanical Keyboard Kit

An enthusiast 75% mechanical keyboard, perfect for beginners looking to build a high-quality custom.

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In The Box

GMMK Pro unboxing

Parts In Box:

Power cable: A braided white-colored USB-C to USB-A cable.
Plastic keycap puller: Orange and made of plastic for removing keycaps.
Metal switch puller: Made of a thin metal to remove switches.
Barebones keyboard: No keycaps or switches included.
Small pamphlet: Details on where to go for warranty information and product details.

The GMMK Pro comes with a few accessories, that allow for a few basic usage of the keyboard. The GMMK store has more accessories available that you can buy separately including higher-end versions of the stuff included in the box. You’ll just have to purchase them at a markup. There is a small pamphlet in the box that explains where to find more information on the product, but it would have been nice to get a dedicated user manual with more information. The keyboard has a 2 year warranty.

Build Quality

GMMK Pro side angle

Material: CNC Aluminum for the case with a stock aluminum plate
Color: White-Ice or Black
Typing Angle:
6 degrees
Power Cable:
USB-C port in the middle

The build quality of the keyboard is second-to-none. With a full aluminum frame, the keyboard is built like a tank and no flex at all. As far as the plate, you get a few options, with aluminum being the standard choice. You can also get brass or polycarbonate depending on what you’re looking for. The brass plate offers a more stiff typing experience while the polycarbonate is extra springy. The polycarbonate plate does have an issue where the switches tend to come out easily and the stabilizers don’t mount properly, so we recommend aluminum or brass at the moment.

Layout and Size

GMMK Pro layout

Layout: 75% Size
Rotary Knob: Programmable knob that is made of metal with tactile feel. Can be easily replaced.
13.1 in / 332 mm
5.3 in / 135 mm
1.3 in / 32 mm
Weight: 3.3 lbs (barebones) / ~3.75 lbs (completed)

The GMMK Pro comes in an exploded 75% layout, meaning that the arrow keys, navigational cluster, and function row are all spaced apart from the main alphanumeric keys. This helps limit mistakes when typing and offers an efficient layout without the need for a number pad. The keyboard also has a programmable rotary encoder knob that can be swapped out with different colors based on your preference. Glorious currently offers silver or gold options for the knob. The knob is made of aluminum and has a satisfying tactile feel and is used for controlling volume.

The Keycaps

GMMK Pro keycaps

Keycap Material: PBT
Profile: Cherry profile
Standard Bottom Row: No
Aftermarket Keycaps: Yes, but in specific layout only.
*Keycaps purchased separately from Glorious

The keyboard does not come with keycaps, however, we used the Glorious keycaps and will talk about those specifically in this section. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy the keycaps separately from another store. If you are buying keycaps from outside the Glorious store, you’ll need to find something that is compatible with the 75% layout as the normal keycaps will not fit properly. The Glorious keycaps themselves are a mix of green and blue and come in a lower height than usual. They offer a high-quality feel and the transition from green to blue looks nice with the white ice case design. The profile is Cherry which differs from the normal OEM profile. The legends are not shine-through, which means the RGB on the keyboard will not illuminate the legends.

The Switches

GMMK Pro sockets

Type: Mechanical
Purchased separately
Hot-Swappable: Yes, 5-pin.

Aluminum Plate Sound Test with NK Creams

Brass Plate Sound Test with NK Creams

Polycarbonate Plate Sound Test with NK Creams

Similar to the keycaps, you’ll need to purchase the switches separately. The keyboard is hot-swappable, which means the switches you use can be easily installed with no soldering required. Not to mention, the sockets are 5-pin, so almost every mechanical switch option out there will work with this keyboard. The switches are mounted south-facing, so you won’t have an issues with using Cherry profile keycaps. The design of the hot-swappable sockets was really well thought out by Glorious. The keyboard comes with three different plate options, so there is a sound test for each plate. We used the NK Cream switch for each test.


GMMK Pro  stabs

Type: Glorious GOAT PCB Screw-In
Color: Clear

Aluminum Plate Sound Test with NK Creams

Brass Plate Sound Test with NK Creams

Polycarbonate Plate Sound Test with NK Creams

The stabilizers are not the traditional style, instead they screw-in directly to the PCB. This results in a more stable feel than the usual plate-mounted stabilizers. Glorious used their own proprietary GOAT stabilizers that come in a clear and silver color. The stabilizers look very similar to Durock or Everglides, but are a different color. They are also factory lubed to prevent rattle and shaking. We found the stabilizers to perform very well except for the spacebar, which required a few extra mods on our end to keep it from rattling.


GMMK Pro sidelight

Color: RGB
Side glow:
LED Location:
Change Lighting Effects: FN + Up, FN + Down
Change Brightness:

The keyboard comes loaded down with RGB. You have a mix of both per-key RGB on each switch and side-glow that offers a nice touch to the design. You can switch between the different lighting effects using FN + Up/Down arrow keys. The RGB options on the keyboard firmware are limited, so you’ll need to open the software for further customization. The lighting on the keyboard tends to bounce off of the plate, resulting a colorful experience.

The Software

GMMK Pro software

Name: Glorious CORE, QMK, and VIA
Compatibility: Windows
Per-Key Lighting:
Remap Keys:
Onboard Memory:
Yes, save up to one profile.
Profiles: Yes

The Glorious software is surprisingly robust and offers a lot of functionality at your fingertips. In addition to the software itself, the keyboard is compatible with open source software such as VIA and QMK for the ultimate customizability. The GMMK Pro comes with enough onboard memory to save one customized profile, however with the software open, you can access more. You can set different RGB layers, change per-key lighting, remap keys, set macros, change the polling rate, and more.



Port Type:
Latency: 1000 Hz / 1ms
Number of Devices:
Cable Length:
6 ft / 1.83 m
USB Passthrough: No

The keyboard comes with a center-mounted USB port for powering the keyboard. The GMMK Pro can only connect through wired connection, with no wireless connectivity options. The cable that comes with the keyboard is 6 feet long, which is ideal for wired usage. The latency/polling rate is 1000 Hz or 1ms, which can be tweaked further in the software if needed.

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For Gamers
GMMK Pro 75% Mechanical Keyboard Kit

An enthusiast 75% mechanical keyboard, perfect for beginners looking to build a high-quality custom.

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As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a commission at no additional price to you.

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