The Montech MKey is Surprisingly Good! (for their first try)

The MKey keyboard is Montech’s first attempt to make a mechanical keyboard. Will it be able to compete and will it be as good as their PC cases?

Lets find out in this review.

The Main Takeaways

The Montech MKey comes in a Japanese-inspired aesthetic and offers a high-quality typing experience. With a weighty build and a variety of options for lighting and macros, the keyboard is quite versatile. For a first entry into the mechanical keyboard space, Montech’s MKey keyboard makes a splash.

General Usage: For general usage, the Montech MKey will get the job done. With a satisfying typing experience, well-done aesthetics, and coming in a both TKL and full-size options you get keyboard that doesn’t mess around. The biggest limiter of this build is the lack of wireless connectivity options.

Typing: Coming with prelubed switches and well-tuned stabilizers, this keyboard offers a smooth typing experience. The sound is satifying and with a subtle thocky bottom-out noise on every keypress. The case contains foam which helps prevent the noise from sounding too rattly or inconsistent.

Gaming: Nothing about this keyboard screams “I’m for gaming”, but seeing how it’s mechanical and it offers a nice quiet experience, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad option for gamers out there. This keyboard also offer macro capabilities, so it may be useful for certain games that require macros.

Programming: This is an excellent choice for programmers. The keyboard is subtle and stylish, so you can use it in an office space without attracting too much unwanted attention. The sound dampened case keeps the keyboard from being too loud as well. You may find the macro functionality useful as a programmer.

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Montech MKey Gaming Keyboard
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In The Box

Parts In Box:

  • Plastic dust cover: A piece of plastic you can put over your keyboard when not in use to protect it from dust or hair particles.
  • Braided USB-C cable: A nice durable cable comes with the keyboard. It would be nice if it had a USB-C option for the PC-side, as it would make it easier for laptops. But alas, it does not.
  • Dual-sided switch/keycap puller: You can easily remove switches and keycaps with the dual-sided puller.
  • Extra keycaps: A few designer keycaps are included so you can customize the look to your liking.

Build Quality

Material: Plastic
Double kick-up feet
Power Cable:
USB-C center mounted

The keyboard comes in an all plastic build, with both the top and bottom case featuring their own colors. With my specific build, the top case is a gun-metal aluminum color and the bottom is a maroon-shade, making for an interesting mix of colors. The case is much heavier than I imagined, especially for the all-plastic build. The keyboard also has zero flex, so it’s very sturdy and well built. The case itself is tray-mounted.

Layout and Size

Layout: TKL/Full
14.29 in (TKL version)
5.35 in (TKL version)
1.61 in (TKL version)
Weight: 3.84 lbs

The keyboard comes in either a tenkeyless (TKL) or full-size option. We got the TKL version which means there is no number pad. The keyboard also features a small knob on the top-right. The knob has a satisfying tactile feel on every turn and can control volume, zoom, and RGB backlighting. You can toggle between each functionality by simply pressing down on the knob.

The Keycaps

Keycap Material: PBT
Profile: MDA
Standard Bottom Row: Yes
Aftermarket Keycaps: Yes

The keycaps are the highlight of this particular keyboard. The spacebar features interesting Japanese-style line art that shows a dragon over a sunrise in the ocean. The colors jump out at you with a mix of blue, red, and orange. The keycaps themselves are a dark-blue gray and light-blue gray two-tone set with very light peach colored legends. The overall color scheme is very cool and interesting to look at. There is also a light blue version of the keyboard, which you can find on the official store page.

The Switches

Type: Gateron Pro (Pre-lubed)
Brown, Yellow
Hot-Swappable: 5-pin South-Facing
50 million keystrokes
Actuation Distance: 2 mm
Travel Distance:
4 mm

The Montech MKey comes with hot-swappable Gateron Pro Yellow or Brown switches, giving you the option between linear and tactile. Unfortunately, if you want clicky switches you’ll need to buy them aftermarket. The switches do come prelubed, which improve the feel and sound of the board drastically. Gateron G Pro switches are always a safe bet in terms of quality and how they feel/sound, but there’s nothing too fancy about them either.


Type: Plate-mounted
Color: White

The stablizers under the spacebar, Caps Lock, Enter, and Shift key are all well-tuned and feel great to type on. There is no rattle at all. They come in a standard plate-mounted design and are prelubed to improve the overall typing experience.


Color: RGB
LED Location:
Change Lighting Effects: Yes
Change Brightness:

The RGB on this keyboard is quite vibrant and bright. It’s nice to look at and is customizable with both firmware and software. You can change the lighting effects with the knob super easily or with the F1/F2/F3/F4 + FN keys. As a note, the keycaps are not shinethrough so the legends will not be illuminated by the RGB. The RGB is visible from the sides of the keycap only.

The Software

Name: Montech MKey Software
Per-Key Lighting:
Remap Keys:
Onboard Memory:

The keyboard comes with software that you can download here to control the RGB lighting, key locations, and macros.

The Full Video Review

Solid Option
Montech MKey Gaming Keyboard
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As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a commission at no additional price to you.

Jake Harrington

Jake has been an avid mechanical keyboard user for the past six years. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and wants to apply his expertise to break down how mechanical keyboards and other tech work to show the world all of the cool aspects of the hobby.

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