iQunix ZX75 Review: A Stylish Keyboard that’s a Great All-Round Choice

Looking for a keyboard that’s stylish AND functional? Well the iQunix ZX75 may be the choice for you. Join me on this review as we take a deeper look at this keyboard.

The Main Takeaways

The iQunix ZX75 is a stylish keyboard that offers a unique typing experience. Everything from the keycaps down to the accessories are done in a unique fashion. If you’re looking for a keyboard for work, gaming, or just scrolling on the internet, the iQunix ZX75 makes for a good option. That being said, the price tag on this keyboard is not for the faint of heart.

General Usage: The ZX75 connects seamlessly and is great for almost any usage. The 2.4gHz dongle makes it easy to take on the go and the slightly compact size is great for limited desk space. The yellow design might be on the flashy side but it’s not impossible to pull off in an office environment.

Typing: The typing experience on this keyboard is fantastic. The keyboard sounds good, the stabilizers are well tuned, and the switches feel satisfying on each key press. The 75% layout is a great size as well if you don’t need the number pad. The Cherry profile keycaps are a dream to type on.

Gaming: Being fully mechanical, the iQunix is a great option for gaming. That being said, there are no specific features that make it an outstanding gaming keyboard besides the standard options. Although, RGB lighting always comes with a few buffs while gaming. The polling rate is also 1ms, so need to worry about speed.

Programming: This keyboard would be a great option for programming or software development. It comes with software that allows for more customization options so you can fully control how you setup the keys and macros.

Solid Option
iQunix ZX75 Gravity Wave
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In The Box

Parts In Box:

  • Dual-sided keycap puller: This is an excellent tool for removing switches and keycaps.
  • Extra keycaps: You get extra keycaps with the keyboard that allow you switch between Windows and Mac.
  • Retractable brush: The retractable brush is a new addition and a fun one for sure.
  • 2.4 GHz dongle/charger: The 2.4 GHz dongle is super convenient for wireless usage and charging.

The items that come in the box are awesome. They are stored under the keyboard inside the box and are very organized with different foam partitions. They make the unboxing experience more enjoyable and feel almost like a treasure hunt as you explore what else is in-store besides just the keyboard. I like the extra detail of the yellow cable ends.

Build Quality

Material: Plastic
Magnetic removable
Power Cable:

The build quality on this keyboard is very nice. This keyboard is well-made. It comes with a yellow bottom and white top, both plastic. The case feels rigid although it’s made from plastic. I enjoy the extra details of the case as well, such as the vented lines on the top-right, the see through section on the back, and the yellow backside of the case. The magnetic kick-up feet are another unique design choice that I find to be quite fun. I’m not sure of the actual benefit of making them this way, but it’s cool at least.

Layout and Size

Layout: 75%
346 mm
151 mm
44 mm
Weight: 1200 g

The ZX75 comes in a nice 75% layout. This puts it at a slightly smaller size than a tenkeyless keyboard and significantly smaller than a full-sized keyboard with the numberpad. If you tend to use the numberpad a lot for data-entry or simple everyday tasks, it be worth looking at a 96% option from iQunix instead. The keyboard also comes with a knob on the top-right that makes controlling music much easier. Simply rotate the knob to raise/lower volume or press the knob for pause/play.

The Keycaps

Keycap Material: PBT
Profile: Cherry
Standard Bottom Row: No

Coming with what I would consider the holy grail of keycaps: PBT, Cherry, and Double-shot, these keycaps will last a lifetime and they are super comfortable to type on use. The PBT design will keep any greasy marks from your finger oils from showing up on the keycaps. Not to mention, the double-shot legends add an extra touch of durability and thickness to the keycaps. The Cherry profile makes the keycaps slighter lower than normal, but gives them a more aggressive typing angle for a comfortable typing experience.

The keycaps have an interesting grey/yellow aesthetic which is not for everyone, but I personally find it fun. The main legends have a white background with a yellow font, which may be difficult to see in the photo above. While typing it’s pretty easy to read although it doesn’t show up well in the photo.

The Switches

Type: Cherry MX/TTC
Gold Pink, Speed Silver, ACE, Brown, Red, Blue, Pink
Hot-Swappable: If yes, mention if 3 or pin
50 (TTC) or 100 million (Cherry MX)
Actuation Distance: 2mm
Travel Distance:
Actuation Force:

The switch options for this keyboard are a mix of playful and ultra reliable. If you’re looking for something a little different and fun, you can try the TTC options such as the TTC Gold Pinks that I got in my keyboard. They are linear, have a solid bottom-out, and come prelubed to perfection. If you want something more durable, you can go with trusty Cherry MX switches that are rated for twice the lifespan of the TTC switches. They come in the standard options (Red, Blue, Brown) but also have a silent option for those that like to type stealthily away in the corner. If you’re really into gaming, I would have to recommend the Speed Silvers as they have a lower actuation distance and are considered “faster”.


Type: Costar
Color: Black

The stabilizers are well-tuned, sound great, and if you never plan on taking the keyboard apart are perfect. Now for the complaints. Unlike a normal mechanical keyboard, which uses Cherry plate-mounted stabilizers, this bad boy uses Costar stabilizers. What are Costar stabilizers you ask? Well, they have U-shaped wire that attaches to a little hole inside the stabilizer insert that attaches to your keycap. If you’re confused, see the image above. You need to carefully hook the wire into the keycap insert without the whole thing popping out. And because the stabs are prelubed, you get to deal with a fun lubey mess. But if you’re never going to take the keyboard apart, this should not be an issue for you.


Color: RGB
LED Location:
Change Lighting Effects: Yes
Change Brightness:

The RGB on this keyboard is vibrant and bright. With the iQunix software you can customize the colors you want, the pattern, and the brightness. So you basically have fully control over everything, which is a huge plus. I also like the extra detail of the light in the top-right. My light was a pink color, but I’m not entirely sure if you can customize it or not. Keep in mind, because the keycaps are doubleshot, they are not shine through so the RGB can only been seen around the edges of the keycaps.


Port Type:
2.4 GHz or Bluetooth
Latency: 1 ms
Cable Length:
6 ft
USB Passthrough: No

The iQunix Z75 comes with standard connectivity options, being wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz. I found connectivity to be very easy to setup. Simply connect the keyboard via the cable for direct usage or plug in the dongle to get started right away.

Solid Option
iQunix ZX75 Gravity Wave
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Jake Harrington

Jake has been an avid mechanical keyboard user for the past six years. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and wants to apply his expertise to break down how mechanical keyboards and other tech work to show the world all of the cool aspects of the hobby.

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