Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest Review

Looking for a wrist rest to give your wrists a break during long gaming and typing sessions? The Glorious Gaming wrist rest may be the wrist rest for you.

Angled view of Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest being used with a keyboard

Overview of the Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest

The wrist rest from Glorious PC Gaming Race was designed to help gamers improve their ergonomics and support their wrists better when typing and gaming.

The question is, is the Glorious wrist rest worth it? We purchased two different wrist rest sizes, one for a keyboard and another for the mouse, so we’ll go over what we think about the wrist rest in terms of quality, price, performance, comfort, and ergonomics. We’ve used the Glorious wrist rest for several years now, so we are very familiar and intimate with the product.

The design of the Glorious Wrist Rest (Amazon) is a soft squishy foam that is covered in a thin black cloth. The padded design allows your wrists and palms to sink into wrist pad, cushioning your hands during long gaming sessions.

The bottom of the wrist pad is a rubber base that prevents the wrist rest from sliding during use. The wrist pad comes in three different sizes and two different thicknesses. You can also order a mouse wrist pad for an additional cost when checking out.

Top view of Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest being used with a mechanical keyboard

The Verdict

We’ve used the Glorious gaming wrist rest for several years now and we have nothing but good to say about it. When initially purchasing the wrist rest, we we’re slightly worried about the durability of the cloth design, but three years later after heavy use, it looks just as good as when we bought it.

As far as performance goes, the Glorious keyboard/mouse wrist rest are very comfortable and makes using a thicker keyboard much easier on the wrists. The wrist rest has been a daily driver and lifesaver. Since the wrist rest comes in several different sizes and thicknesses, you can find the best fit for your keyboard size and preferences.

You can purchase the Glorious Wrist Rest on Amazon through link for an affordable price.


The keyboard comes in several different sizes. You can either get a wrist rest sized perfectly for a full-sized keyboard, tenkeyless, or compact. In addition, you can choose between two different thicknesses, a slim 17mm or the regular 25mm.

We ordered the regular thickness and find it extremely comfortable on a normal keyboard. The thinner wrist rest may be better for someone who uses a low-profile keyboard, since they will not want their wrists sitting higher than the keyboard.

Side view of Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest being used with a keyboard


The design of the Glorious wrist rest is a padded foam, covered in a cloth, and a bottom rubber layer that helps the wrist rest stick to your desk. The color profile of the wrist rests is a uniform jet-black color. The branding on the wrist rest features the Glorious PC Gaming Rest logo, a bearded man with long flowing hair.

I found the logo to be pretty funny and slightly absurd, but for others it may be a tad distracting and wouldn’t work well in an office environment. For those who don’t like the branding, they can order a stealth version which changes the logo to a black color instead of a super visible white. The black on black colors make the logo hard to see and more work appropriate.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of the wrist rest is on-point. We’ve had this sucker for three years now and it has lasted much longer than we could have imagined. My only complaint is that sometimes a small amount of cat hair will stick to it, but it is super easy to clean off.

You can bend the wrist rest slightly if you pick it up, but it will bounce back to its normal straight position. You could probably damage the wrist rest if you try to fully bend it in-half. But would realistically do that on accident? The wrist rest is made to last and we would purchase the Glorious wrist rest again if we could.

Typing and Gaming Experience

I typically use the wrist rest for gaming, I find that keeping your fingers on the WASD keys can make your wrists feel quite fatigued and having a wrist rest for extra support really does help.

For typing I find it slows my typing speed down slightly, since it can be a little strange adjusting to having your wrists elevated, but for long typing sessions I usually cycle it in and out depending on wrist tightness and discomfort. I would say overall, I get more use out of the Glorious wrist rest for gaming and some usage for typing.

Should you Get the Wrist Rest for your Mouse?

I usually don’t use the Glorious Mouse Wrist Rest (Amazon) unless I’ve been gaming for a long period of time. I find it feels strange and increases my response time in competitive games. I usually prefer to have my arm floating when using a mouse, unless I’m fatigued. If you tend to rest your wrist on your desk when using a mouse, the wrist rest is a good pick for you. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s really helpful unless you regularly play for long hours at a time.

Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest for mouse being used

Glorious Wrist Rest Compared to Other Brands

The material of the Glorious wrist rest was quite surprising, I was not expecting the foam with a pillowly-cushion feel to it. Most wrist rests I’ve used in the past have been super thin ones made of plastic, thrown in with the keyboard purchase.

The Corsair wrist rests, for example, are super low quality and uncomfortable when compared to the Glorious wrist rest. The material is a plastic and very hard. Another wrist rest I’ve used is the plastic-leathery wrist rest from Steelseries.

The SteelSeries wrist rest was quite nice, especially when compared to Corsair, but overall, I found the Glorious wrist rest to be the best one I could find on the market currently. There are some other wrist rests online for purchase made of wood, but I could see the hard surface being uncomfortable over a long gaming session.


Angled view of Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest being used with a keyboard at a setup

Overall, the Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest is a solid and recommended purchase for anyone looking for a wrist rest. We found the durability to quite impressive and the logo design to be pretty funny as well. There are a ton of options so you can get the perfect size and thickness wrist rest for you.

We found the Glorious wrist rest was super comfortable for gaming, but we also found usage for it when doing a ton of typing. The mouse wrist rest isn’t as great for gaming because usually you want your wrists floating for a faster reflex time, but for long play sessions it can be useful.

You can find the Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest on Amazon for a killer deal through this link.

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