Epomaker RT100 – This Keyboard has Some Crazy Options

The Epomaker RT100 is a mechanical keyboard that’s hard to beat. It comes in the 96% layout, making it a versatile option for most keyboard users.

With a few fancy features such as the detachable screen and multimedia knob, this keyboard is quite the interesting option.

Solid Pick
Epomaker RT100 Keyboard

A 96% keyboard with a detachable screen and a fancy knob.

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The Main Takeaways

The Epomaker RT100 is a mechanical keyboard that boasts a lot of interesting features, such as gasket mount, tri-mode wireless connectivity, and a detachable screen. To top it off, it also comes in a variety of colorful designs that mirror a custom keyboard, but for the price of a prebuilt. The switch options are another interesting aspect of this keyboard as well, making it truly a unique option.

General Usage: For general usage, this keyboard is perfect. It comes with a number pad, making it useful for anything requiring data entry, but it’s also slightly compact giving you more room on your desk. The knob gives you extra functionality, that makes listening to music a breeze.

Typing: For typing, this keyboard feels bouncy due to the gasket mount. The stabilizers are well… stable (thanks to the prelubed stabilizers). The switch options are fun and satisfying to type on (also prelubed). Overall, this keyboard really shines when it comes to the typing experience although the gasket mount could be a little less stiff.

Gaming: With either a cable connection or 2.4 GHz, you can reliably game with this keyboard with minimal delay. Not to mention, the classic N-key rollover ensures every key is taken into account when gaming. However, the keyboard does not have any bells and whistles like other gaming keyboards.

Programming: Whether you program with a Mac or PC, this keyboard has you covered with functionality on both systems. Not to mention, you can customize the key layouts with the Epomaker software and setup macros to make your life easier in a pinch.

In The Box

Parts In Box:
– TV screen
– Dual keycap and switch puller
– USB-C cable
– Dust cover
– User manual
-Manual for the screen

In the box you get the usual goodies, but in this case they are bit different. The cable has a bulky head on it and it feels lighter and springier than usual. While I like how light it is, I would prefer a cable head that’s smaller. The screen is a new addition that you don’t see too often.

Build Quality

Material: Plastic
Power Cable:

The build of the Epomaker RT100 is quite interesting. The side profile has a nice rounding shaped that gives the keyboard a more elegant look. Along the backside you get kickup feet for an additional typing angle and there are plenty of rubber feet to keep the keyboard from moving. While the case is plastic, there is minimal bend to it, show that it would be difficult to break. The case style is a gasket mount, which has rubber gaskets on the inside to improve the typing experience. The gaskets add a bit of flex, but not too much, so the keyboard feels softer and bouncier to type on.

Layout and Size

Layout: Exploded 96% with a knob
397 mm
147 mm
30 mm
Weight: 1.35 kg

The keyboard comes in a 96% layout, smaller than the normal full-sized layout. The biggest difference is that this size of keyboard does not have the navigation cluster, instead those keys are hidden on a lower layer or dispersed across the keyboard. The keys are also exploded, meaning there is a small gap between the arrow keys and number pad instead of being smushed against the alpha keys. In addition, you get a multimedia knob on the top right of the keyboard, along with a few sliders and an optional screen on the top left. Overall, this layout will be comfortable for most people and is a great way to save desk space.

The Keycaps

Keycap Material: PBT
Profile: MDA
Standard Bottom Row: No
Aftermarket Keycaps: No

The keycaps on this keyboard are definitely interesting. The specific design we got is the Deep Grey version, but on the Epomaker website you have a variety of color options to choose from with five in total. There are brighter options if you don’t like the muted grey look. This keycap set has a mix of grey and maroon colors, definitely a color scheme you don’t see too often. The legends are large and easy to read, although in a lower light the contrast may make it hard to see. While the keyboard does have RGB, the lights do not illuminate the legends, but instead pokes out from the sides.

The Switches

Type: Epomaker and Gateron
Sea Salt Silent, Wisteria, Flamingo, and Pro Yellows
Hot-Swappable: Yes
50 million keystrokes

The various switch options make this a fun keyboard to shop for. You get to choose between Epomaker’s lineup of prelubed switches including Sea Salt Silents, Wisteria, and Flamingo switches. They all come in interesting colors and feels. But if those are a little too out there for you, you can always opt for Gateron Pro Yellows, a safe option. The keyboard is also hot-swappable, meaning if you don’t like the switches you end up with, you can always swap them out later down the line. The keyboard comes with all of the tools you may need to swap them out, you’ll just need to purchase a different set of switches.


Type: Cherry Plate-mounted
Color: Cream

The switches are the standard plate-mounted Cherry stabilizers, a classic option. They come prelubed from the factory making them stable with minimal rattle. I like that they come in a light cream color instead of the standard all-black colors. It’s the little stuff that matters, you know?


Color: RGB
LED Location:
Change Lighting Effects: Yes
Change Brightness:

The RGB on this keyboard offers full color control and is per-key. This means that you can change the color on each key (if you choose to do so). There is a variety of pre-set RGB lighting options that you can cycle through using shortcuts on the keyboard with 16 in total. This keyboard also comes with a special optional screen that you can plug into the top left, which adds a cool design element. Not to mention it has some extra functionality and an information display. It acts as a smart watch and can display the weather, date, and more.

The Software

If you want to take the customizability of the keyboard to the next level, you can install the Epomaker software. The software gives you more control when it comes time to remap keys, set macros, and fully customize the RGB. The only downside is you have to use the Epomaker software and there is no option for publicly sourced software such as QMK or VIA.


Port Type:
Yes, 2.4 or Bluetooth.
Latency: Depends on connection type
Number of Devices:
Cable Length:
5 ft
USB Passthrough: No

The keyboard comes with tri-mode wireless functionality, a nice feature to have nowadays. This allows you to connect via wired, Bluetooth, or 2.4GHz depending on your preference. This is nice when connecting to a laptop, especially because nowadays ports are so limited. If you plan on gaming, using the wired or 2.4 GHz connections will provide you with the most reliable connection, while Bluetooth is better for other tasks such as working. The dongle is hidden in the top left corner of the keyboard, so you can find it there by removing the cover (see image above).


Solid Pick
Epomaker RT100 Keyboard

A 96% keyboard with a detachable screen and a fancy knob.

Check for Lowest Price

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