Cooler Master MM711 Review: Perfect for Claw

Are you looking for a lightweight gaming mouse that won’t break the bank? With enough RGB lighting to make gamers blush, you have to check out the Cooler Master MM711.

Let’s pick this mouse apart.

The Verdict

Cooler Master MM711 side angle

The Cooler Master MM711 comes in a honeycomb design with a super accurate optical sensor and robust software.

The lightweight feel make the mouse ideal for FPS gaming, as the lighter weight makes it easy to slide around your mousepad quickly. The RGB lighting is also a nice touch.

We found the smaller size of the MM711 to be ideal for claw grip and smaller hands. Larger hands may struggle to use this mouse.

The main downsides to this mouse are the flexible plastic case (especially on the underside) and the non-detachable power cable. The build quality leaves some to be desired.

But if you can overlook these issues, the mouse could be an excellent option for your gaming setup.

You can find the Cooler Master MM710 on Amazon.

The Gaming Experience

To give you an idea of what it feels like to use this product, here’s how we actually used it (and our thoughts).

We initially picked up this mouse for my wife because the smaller size is accommodating to her hand size. The lightweight design and honeycomb aesthetic were both nice perks as well.

She uses the MM711 as her go-to for gaming.

The mouse gets the job done when gaming, although there isn’t anything especially mind-blowing about the performance.

For me personally, I find the size too small and am restricted to a very aggressive claw grip.

The ultraweave cable makes the mouse feel almost as though it’s wireless, but you can still feel some resistance if you don’t have enough slack. A paracord could definitely improve this.

The DPI adjustment is a nice feature to have. You can choose between several options to hone in on what feels best. The Cooler Master MM710 is excellent for those prefer claw grip, but using a palm grip would be quite uncomfortable.

For FPS gaming, the lightweight nature would make it a suitable option for smaller hands.

In The Box

Inside the box, you don’t get much included. Just the mouse and a few extra add-ins.

Extra skates: In case the feet wear down after usage you can replace them with the backups. These are the exact same material (PTFE).

Owner’s manual: Nothing exciting here. Just the standard documentation about how to use the mouse and a few safety warnings.

An that’s about it. I would have liked to see a sticker or something else interesting, but I’m not too disappointed.

Build Quality

Cooler Master MM711 next to red keyboard

The Cooler Master MM711 comes in a honeycomb design that lowers the overall weight. The honeycomb design has become more common recently, so the novelty factor is not quite as impressive as it was when it was released.

The lightweight frame does come with a few disadvantages. If you press into the mouse (especially on the underbelly), the honeycomb flexes.

This does not inspire confidence in the build quality. If the mouse took a big fall off of my desk or was accidentally stepped on, it could be the end for this mouse.

I appreciate the lightweight design, but a more robust design is definitely preferred. It’s a thin line for Cooler Master to walk between lightweight and durability, but they crossed too far onto the lightweight side.

The honeycomb pattern is much more aggressive than other mice I have seen which makes sense considering how much it flexes.

The mouse feet allow it to glide smoothly on your mouse pad. The feet are rounded and made from Teflon PTFE, which has a relatively low coefficient of friction. Perfect for gaming.

The extra mouse feet included are the exact same material in-case the pre-installed feet start to wear down.

The mouse is coated with a dust and water-resistant coating to help improve longevity. If you spill a small amount of water onto your mouse, you should be ok. Just don’t dunk it underwater.

Overall, the build quality is not amazing. The ease at which the case flexes makes it more likely to break in an accident. That being said, I like the other elements of the build.


Holding CM MM711 with claw grip
Hand SizePalm GripFingertip GripClaw Grip
Small Hands
Medium Hands
Large Hands

The mouse is definitely on the smaller side. While comfort depends a lot on the individual, smaller hands will have an easier time adjusting to the Cooler Master MM711.

My wife has small hands and found that she could use a fingertip grip, but the mouse wasn’t quite big enough for a palm grip.

She finds the mouse very comfortable for gaming.

If you have larger hands, you’ll be stuck with a more aggressive claw grip regardless of your grip preferences. The smaller shape and hump don’t allow for a comfortable grip. For larger hands, the mouse might be a no-go.

If you’re a left-handed gamer, it’s your time to rejoice. With an ambidextrous shape (but optimized for right-handed), left and right-handed gamers can both enjoy this mouse.

There are some disadvantages to an ambidextrous design, however, such as poorer ergonomics. But for gaming mice, ergonomics are not typically a huge factor. It’s all about the competitive advantage.

The buttons are all located in a easy to access locations. You have the basics you would expect on a gaming mouse:

  • Left Click
  • Right Click
  • Two buttons on the left
  • Scroll wheel
  • DPI adjustment between left & right click

The switches are all satisfying to press, with the exception of the right click. I found that the entire mouse creaked when pressing right click. I don’t know if it’s an issue I had with my specific mouse or not.

The scroll wheel has a rubber coating that is textured with a small tactile bump. Easy to use and control, quite satisfying too.

The Style

Front angle of cooler master MM711

The Cooler Master MM711 comes in a variety of different colors, but we ended up going with the glossy white version. There are four options in total:

  1. Matte Black
  2. Glossy Black
  3. Matte White
  4. Glossy White

Each option looked appealing, but we wanted the white aesthetic. The matte versions will look less shiny.

The shape of the mouse looks simple and minimalistic. The balance of black and white colors looks quite appealing. When you mix in the honeycomb and RGB lighting, the whole design comes together.

The honeycomb is different than on most mice. The design is more oval-shaped, which adds a unique element. Most honeycombs are the same size related to the width and height.

On the front end of the mouse, there is a slight overhang where the body protrudes further than the base. I enjoy the look of this. The mouse sharp angles in the front add a nice offset to the rounded shape of the mouse.

The white cable also accents the color of the mouse which is nice.

When it comes to the style, this mouse has it dialed in.


The mouse can only connect via a USB cable.

The cable itself is not detachable, which is a little disappointing. A non-detachable cable is much harder to replace if the cable breaks or if you want to change out your mouse easily without unplugging the cable from your PC.

The cable has an “ultraweave” design which decreases the amount of cable drag when gaming. It’s easy to forget the cable is even there. You could paracord the cable if you want, but it’s definitely not required.

It would be nice to see a wireless option in the future.

Software Usage:

Cooler Master MM711 software

The Cooler Master MasterPlus software is very simple and easy to use.

Simply install the software and you have the capability to easily change the RGB, program buttons, macros, and a host of different performance options.

I was quite impressed by how thorough and lightweight the software feels.

You have the options to change between the following DPI in both the vertical and horizontal directions: 400, 800, 1600, 2000, 3200, 6400, and 16000.

Not to mention you can also tweak:

  • Polling rate (125Hz – 1000Hz)
  • Angle snapping
  • Lift off distance
  • Angle tunability
  • OS sensitivity
  • OS double click speed
  • Button response time

All of which are very useful and easy to tweak in the dashboard.

Cooler Master MM711 Specifications

Length116.5 mm (4.6″)
Width62.4 mm (2.5″)
Height38.3 mm (1.5″)
Sensor TypeOptical
Sensor ModelPixArt PMW3389
Polling Rate125-1000 Hz
Cable Length1.8m (5.9 ft)


Cooler Master MM711 side angle next to red keyboard

The Cooler Master MM711 can be an excellent choice for the right person, especially those with smaller hands. As a group that is often neglected, the MM711 will be a welcome choice.

If you have medium/large hands, you can still find use for this mouse, especially if you prefer to use a claw grip when gaming.

While there were some aspects we didn’t enjoy about the mouse, such as the build quality, there are many redeeming features.

The RGB lighting, ultraweave cable, lightweight design, and powerful software are all excellent reasons to try out the Cooler Master M711.

Good luck!

Jake Harrington

Jake has been an avid mechanical keyboard user for the past six years. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and wants to apply his expertise to break down how mechanical keyboards and other tech work to show the world all of the cool aspects of the hobby.

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