About Us

Welcome to Switch and Click!

We’re Jake and Betty and we love mechanical keyboards and anything keyboard related, so much so, we decided to make a blog all about keyboards, so we could dive deep into the hobby and teach others about our experiences.

Jake currently works full time as a Mechanical Engineer and Betty as an Occupational Therapist. We try to use the expertise from our professional fields to bring value and insight to our articles and keyboard reviews.

We want to achieve an in-depth understanding of how mechanical keyboards are produced and the ergonomics of sitting at a desk and typing on a mechanical keyboard.

Switch and Click started in January of 2020 and continues to grow everyday. We hope to provide quality content and information about mechanical keyboards to help out the community and newcomers alike.

We found our passion for mechanical keyboards in 2012 when we were looking for a way to improve our competitive edge in video games. As soon as we pressed our first switch and heard that satisfying click, we were converted to mechanical keyboards for life.

Although we don’t play video games anymore, our interest in mechanical keyboards never faded.

We hope to make everyone more aware of mechanical keyboards and show off all the possibilities when it comes to customization and how much fun it can be to build your own keyboard from scratch.

Happy Typing!


What the heck is a mechanical keyboard?

For mechanical keyboards, each key has it’s own switch underneath. Typing with this style feels more clicky, tactile, and satisfying. A mechanical keyboard can make typing more efficient and enjoyable. You can read more about why they are superior here.

Can I build my own mechanical keyboard?

Yes, you absolutely can! There are several ways to build your own, the most popular option would be to buy a keyboard kit online. Another option is to buy each part individually. The sky is the limit when it comes to customization!

How much do mechanical keyboards cost?

The price can vary depending on what you are looking for. In general, the price is anywhere between $60-200. This article will explain why they cost so much more than normal keyboards.